6 Companies Killing It on YouTube – What You Can Learn

successful advertising campaigns youtube

Video marketing is only continuing to become more of a “must-have” for company marketing strategies.

Studies show that watching video is one of the most common activities by smartphone users. Just less than half regularly watch video on their phones.

If you’re considering building a video presence on YouTube as part of your company’s marketing strategy, consider taking a lesson or two from these companies that are killing it on YouTube.

Successful Advertising Campaigns on YouTube

Will it Blend? Blendtec

Blendtec gained extremely popularity for their first Will it Blend? videos back when they blended up new iPhones that just came onto the market. This expensive (and destructive) stunt showed the power of their blenders and they now have almost 775,000 subscribers to their channel and many of their videos have almost a million views.

successful advertising campaigns youtube

Key Takeaway: Do something unique to showcase how durable, reliable, or original your product is.

Red Bull

Because Red Bill is an energy drink, their marketing centers around promoting an active lifestyle that is full of well, energy. Their YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers and reached a billion total video views in 6 years. Their most popular videos are full of athletes, daredevils, and other risk takers doing awesome things, such as climbing frozen Niagara Falls, building a wooden bike from scratch, and driving a race car on ice.

successful advertising campaigns youtube

Key Takeaway: Embody the ideal lifestyle that your target customer would have after using your product or service.

The Ellen Show

While Ellen DeGeneres’ daily talk show isn’t a company, its YouTube channel does an awesome job of segmenting what it does (e.g. the bits it airs) into separate YouTube videos each day, while also uniting video marketing with other social media channels.

In the below example, they shared a new video on Twitter, tagging the other users in the video and giving a brief overview of what it was.

successful advertising campaigns youtube

Key Takeaway: Be as clear as possible when it comes to sharing across platforms, so users know what they are clicking on.


Adweek named Sony’s Playstation YouTube channel as one of the 10 best brand channels, so it’s a no brainer that there is a lot of wisdom any company can learn from its almost 3,500 videos. One thing that Playstation does consistently is include its logo in the left hand corner of its content, reinforcing its company branding and reminding users who created the video.

successful advertising campaigns youtube

Key Takeaway: Company branding is key in video content as another way to increase visibility.


Some people have strong reactions to Walmart, but it can’t be argued that the variety of content on its YouTube channel is impressive. Not only do they include easy recipes, they also have price match testimonials, new product tutorials, and blogger partners that contributor their own product reviews.

A good variety of content not only gives users different things to look at on a regular basis, it also helps feed staff creativity who don’t have to feel like they need to make the same video, over and over again.

successful advertising campaigns youtube

Key Takeaway: Use variety in your content to keep users interested and to increase channel subscribers.

Ramit Sethi

Ramit is a blogger and author in the personal finance and entrepreneurship realm. Even though, like The Ellen Show, he’s not a company (he’s more of a thought leader building a business around what he teaches), but his YouTube channel have a lot of good strategies that companies can learn from.

He breaks his videos into specific sections, offering that variety that users crave (as mentioned above), while also being more organized so users don’t get overwhelmed. On his main channel page, you’ll see categories that range from “Ask Ramit” to Salary Negotiation tactics.

successful advertising campaigns youtube

Key Takeaway: A well-organized YouTube page is key to preventing choice paralysis and keeping users engaged.

While most brands aren’t on Walmart or Red Bull’s level, the 6 takeaways included in this post can help businesses of any size grow their YouTube presence through better channels, videos, and online content across multiple platforms.

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