13 Summer Business Ideas

summer business ideas

With Summer fast approaching, it’s time to think about potential Summer business ideas that could work for the season. Summer tends to be a better time to launch a new business since people are more likely to spend money on seasonal businesses and new businesses. This article will explore how to get started with a small business idea that you can launch in the summer.

What Is a Summer Business?

A summer business refers to local businesses that primarily operate during the summer season or where a majority of their income is earned during the summer months.

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Why You Should Start Your Own Business This Summer

Summer can be a great time to brainstorm and launch small business ideas for beginners because there is a lot of potential for success with summer business ideas. Here are some reasons to consider launching your own summer business venture:

  1. Income: Summer business ideas can lead to a lucrative seasonal business for additional income.
  2. Employing is easier: You can get extra help for your business more efficiently by hiring a college student or local students for a summer job where they can make some extra money.
  3. Funding: You can secure a small business loan based on your ideas for the summer months and start a business with more capital.
  4. Take advantage of the warm weather: With so many tourists and people traveling around during the season, you have a larger target market available for your business idea.

summer business ideas

How to Choose Summer Business Ideas: Our Methodology

When it comes to selecting the best summer business ideas for small business owners and entrepreneurs, we want to provide a clear set of criteria for success. Here are the key criteria to consider when choosing a summer business idea, along with their importance on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most important:

  • Seasonal Relevance (5/5): The degree to which the business idea aligns with the summer season is crucial. A strong connection to summer can boost demand and revenue.
  • Market Demand (4/5): Investigate the market demand for your chosen summer business idea. Is there a demonstrated need or desire for your product or service during the summer months?
  • Location and Accessibility (4/5): Consider the geographical location and accessibility of your business. Ensure it’s easily reachable by your target audience during the summer.
  • Sustainability (4/5): Think about the long-term sustainability of your summer business. Can it thrive beyond the summer season or evolve into a year-round venture?
  • Budget and Resources (3/5): Assess the financial and resource requirements of your business idea. Determine if it aligns with your available budget and resources.
  • Competition Analysis (3/5): Research competitors in your chosen summer business niche. Identify gaps or opportunities where your idea can excel.
  • Scalability (3/5): Consider whether your summer business idea can scale up or down depending on demand. Scalability can be essential for growth.
  • Target Audience (4/5): Define your target audience for the summer season. Tailor your business idea to cater to their specific needs and preferences during this time.
  • Licensing and Regulations (3/5): Be aware of any necessary licenses or regulations related to your summer business idea. Compliance is essential for legal operation.
  • Marketing and Promotion (5/5): Develop a robust marketing and promotional strategy to reach potential customers and maximize visibility during the summer.
  • Weather Considerations (4/5): Depending on your location, consider how weather conditions can impact your business. Have contingency plans in case of adverse weather.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability (3/5): Ensure your business idea can adapt to changing circumstances, such as unexpected events or shifts in customer preferences.

Best Summer Seasonal Business Ideas

There are many excellent small business ideas that you can consider when starting a business for yourself. You can create a profitable business based on area needs, what tourists/travelers are looking for, and other seasonal factors that lead to high demand for particular services or products. We’ll look at some of the best business ideas to get you started

1. A pool cleaning business

Offering pool maintenance services, especially in regions with hot summers, can be a promising business idea. As pools see increased usage during this time, the need for cleaning and upkeep rises.

Many pool owners, while enjoying the water, often seek assistance in maintenance during peak months. Thus, entering this venture can be advantageous, as the seasonal demand provides a higher chance of securing clients.

2. Summer camps

Thinking of a business that thrives in a particular season? A summer camp is a top pick. During school breaks, parents search for engaging avenues for their kids.

A summer camp, equipped with sports gear and various activities, promises not just fun but also learning. It’s an opportunity to offer memorable experiences to kids while generating seasonal revenue.

3. Souvenir business

For entrepreneurs on a budget, a souvenir shop can be an appealing venture. Tourist spots often see a surge in visitors during summer, and what better way to capitalize than offering memorabilia?

With bulk purchases of inexpensive items, setting up a temporary shop can provide a flexible and potentially lucrative summer venture.

4. Local event planning and setup

Regions bustling with summer festivities present opportunities in event planning and setup. Catering to diverse events, from music festivals to local carnivals, such a business could encompass various tasks.

This can range from conceptualizing the event, ensuring logistical arrangements, to overseeing the actual setup and teardown. Each event poses a new challenge and a chance to diversify services.

summer business ideas

5. A food-based business

Food ventures, especially those serving refreshing treats, witness an uptick during summers. Instead of venturing into a full-fledged eatery, consider mobile options like food trucks. An ice cream truck, for instance, could be a hit in scorching temperatures. To dive into this, research is vital—understand initial investments, and potential locations for maximum footfall.

You can find more information online, including whether a business license is needed and how to start your own ice cream truck business.

6. Open a local retail store

With summer drawing people outdoors, a seasonal retail store can be a fruitful venture. If you’re in a locale lacking specific amenities or seasonal supplies, this provides a unique niche.

Think beach towns without enough sunscreen shops or camp areas short on gear. Spotting these gaps and offering solutions can translate to profitable summer months.

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7. Start a farmer’s market

Localities abundant in fresh produce and artisanal products could benefit from a dedicated farmer’s market.

By initiating a market focused on organic and local offerings, you not only support local growers and producers but also meet a growing demand for fresh, organic items.

Operating on a weekly basis, the market could rent spaces to sellers, fostering a sense of community. It’s a dual win: local artisans get a platform, and residents have easy access to quality goods.

summer business idea

8. Original crafts and art

Leveraging unique artistic skills can be both fulfilling and profitable during the summer months. Consider establishing a boutique arts and crafts outlet, offering handcrafted pieces.

The overheads are generally minimal, especially when it comes to raw materials. This venture can especially resonate with female entrepreneurs keen to capitalize on their expertise.

Moreover, hosting workshops or single-day events can engage children, making it a wholesome business that imparts skills and generates income.

More Summer Business Ideas for Students and Entrepreneurs

If you’re looking for more business ideas, here are some other ideas for small businesses that do well during the warmer months.

9. Photography business

Harnessing your passion for photography can be turned into a lucrative summer venture. Opportunities are vast—be it capturing commercial content for budding enterprises or cherishing moments at weddings, birthdays, and graduation ceremonies.

With the right equipment and a keen eye, this can be a rewarding way to chronicle memories while earning.

10. Transportation services

Recognizing gaps in transportation within your locality can pave the way for a much-needed service.

Introducing solutions such as personalized taxi services, scheduled bus shuttles, or even carpool arrangements can meet the surge in demand, especially during the bustling summer season. Ensure you adhere to local regulations and prioritize safety.

11. Car wash business

With the summer sun shining, cars often need a fresh gleam. A car wash business can be the perfect summer venture, especially given the relatively low initial investments in tools and supplies.

Begin by catering to your immediate community; the word-of-mouth can help you branch out. Offering add-on services, like interior cleaning or waxing, can enhance the overall customer experience and profitability.

12. Miniature golf course

If you’re looking for something quirky or unique, consider starting a miniature golf course. For example, you could create a pop-up golf course for the summer or rent space and start your own business by designing a permanent mini-golf course.

Create fun marketing materials for the course to entice customers and offer summer deals to generate more business.

13. Cleaning services

Cleaning services are in demand year-round and are easy to start if you know how to get cheap and good cleaning supplies. A cleaning business could include house cleaning, business or office cleaning, window washing, and even landscaping services for lawn and garden cleaning.

What Businesses Thrive in the Summer?

Many businesses make money in the summertime, especially when positioned as summer businesses. These include:

  • Cold food trucks such as ice cream
  • Pool cleaning business
  • Summer camps
  • Souvenir businesses

What Business Is Best for All Seasons?

Some options are well suited for a year-round business as they will always attract customers. These businesses could include:

  • Grocery or retail stores
  • Original crafts and art businesses
  • Transportation services

Maximizing Success in Summer Business Ventures

Launching a summer business requires strategic planning and attention to detail. Below is a table highlighting practical considerations and actionable tips to ensure your seasonal enterprise thrives:

ConsiderationDescriptionTips & Actions
Business Idea ValidationEnsure there's a genuine demand for your business in the summer.1. Conduct market research
2. Seek feedback from potential customers
Startup CostsCalculate the initial investment required to launch your business.1. Create a detailed budget
2. Explore financing options
Seasonal StaffingHiring for a summer business often involves temporary staffing.1. Consider college or local students
2. Offer competitive wages
Marketing & PromotionCreating awareness before and during the summer season.1. Leverage social media
2. Offer early bird specials
Location & LogisticsFinding the best location and ensuring smooth operations.1. Research high footfall areas
2. Plan for storage & transportation
Licensing & RegulationsUnderstanding the legal aspects of running a summer business in your area.1. Check local by-laws
2. Obtain necessary permits/licenses
Supplier RelationsIf your business relies on goods from suppliers, ensure timely and quality delivery.1. Establish good supplier contracts
2. Have backup suppliers
End of Season StrategyPlan for winding down as the season ends or transitioning to another business model for the rest of the year.1. Offer end-of-season sales
2. Explore complementary off-season ventures
Feedback & ImprovementGather insights from the season to improve for the next.1. Conduct customer surveys
2. Review financial performance
DiversificationConsider how you might expand or pivot your business based on trends or demands.1. Explore related services/products
2. Adapt to customer needs

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