Supply Chain Issues Affecting Holiday Shopping in 2022

supply chain issues affecting holiday shopping

With the holiday season now in full throttle, businesses continue to battle with supply chain issues, as the lingering effects of the pandemic affecting the production of products around the world.

For small businesses, it is important they are aware of supply chain disruption. Knowing which products are most heavily impacted and where the issues lie, can help small business owners set up contingency plans to help keep supply chains running as seamless as possible.

To shed light on current supply chain issues uBreakiFix, the nationwide same-day electronics repair company, has compiled an infographic.

The infographic breaks down what is happening with the supply chain, how it is impacting holiday shopping, and what businesses can do to beat the holiday tech shortage.

Holiday Tech Shortages Due to Supply Chain Issues

According to the infographic, this holiday season online retailers’ out of stock products are expected to increase 360% from 2019, with electronics being one of the most impacted categories.

Not only are must-have items in increasingly short supply, but holiday shipping windows are getting smaller, with a 30% slowdown anticipated for first-class mail.

Furthermore, ongoing chip shortage is making electronics more expensive. The cost of chips is expected to rise by 30% through 2022.

Freight deliveries are taking longer than normal., with shipping time from China to the US experiencing an 83% rise, thereby contributing to the supply chain issues.

Supply Chain Costs

Supply chain costs are also rising. The average trucking ship times are up from 40 days in 2019 to 73 days in 2021. The same pattern can be found with air freight, where Asia to US air cargo rates are up 40% since the end of August 2021.

Benefits of Repairing Used Tech

Instead of relying on new tech and thereby running into delays and additional costs, uBreakiFix recommends having old tech repaired, to circumvent the supply chain.

For small businesses that encounter a tech breakdown over the holiday season, rather than purchasing a replacement, having a device repaired, which can often be done in the same day, can save time, money, not to mention a great deal of stress.

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