Supreme Court Decision Could Impact Small Biz Re-selling

An anticipated Supreme Court decision that pits a book publisher against a young entrepreneur could have widespread impact on many small business merchants including eBay re-sellers. We’ll also look at the latest trends in small business selling, especially e-commerce. Share your thoughts about the fallout of the Wiley v. Kirtsaeng case and the future of e-commerce in the comment section below.

Just Around the Corner

Book smart. The Supreme Court case involving Supap Kirtsaeng, a student who came to the U.S. in 1997 and began importing less expensive text books from his native Thailand in 2007 and selling them on eBay, could have dramatic repercussions for all small business re-sellers. Some critics worry a decision in favor of publishers could significantly erode the rights of any business to re-sell anything. Ars Technica

I want, therefore I am. There are other trends stirring the e-commerce world beyond the big news of re-sale rights, however. Online marketing expert Anton McCarthy tells us about Facebook’s new “want” button and the emergence of something he calls the “intention economy.” E-commerce is going social, and it is important for your business to be ready. Tweak Your Biz

Selling the Dream

Setting up your store. Unless you’re selling via eBay or some other big e-commerce super site, you’ll need an online store to offer your products to an eager customer base. Online stores are not as complicated to create as they once were. E-commerce expert Danny Pajevic gives you an overview of how to choose the best software to develop your online store. Creating a Webstore

A whole new world. E-commerce can be a whole new world for business owners entering it for the first time. The first challenge is understanding how online payments work. Michelle Latham takes e-commerce newcomers by the hand in this post and shows them what they need to know to succeed. The first steps may be the hardest, but the rewards are clear. Switch Commerce

Taking stock. Managing your inventory is another hugely important part of e-commerce that many small business owners must consider from the very beginning. Running out of products offered on your Website will disappoint customers, resulting in a poor experience that will do nothing for your business. Here are some tips that should help you keep your inventory straight. Open Forum

Marketplace Masters

A better letter. If your e-commerce newsletters aren’t saying the right things, they could be losing you money right now. Don’t worry, though. Guest blogger Chris Hexton has these suggestions that should double your newsletter’s effectiveness, meaning more sales for you and your online business. Capture Commerce

The bold and the beautiful. As long as you’re creating an e-commerce site, you should give some thought to what makes the best online marketplaces thrive. Guest blogger Stacey Thompson shares some of the qualities the best online marketplaces on the Earth have in common. Make sure your online store keeps pace with these industry leaders. Print Runner Blog

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