Your Surface 3 Can Now Have Windows 10

Your Surface 3 Can Now Have Windows 10

Microsoft has released updates for its Surface Pro 3 devices, allowing the tablet/laptops to run the new Windows 10 operating system.

That’s one of the changes the company announced this week with its new firmware for the Surface Pro 3 and its sister product, the Surface 3.

The changes happen automatically through Windows Update, but can also be performed manually in five steps:

  1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and hit Settings. (If you’re using a mouse, aim it at upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and click Settings.)
  2. Tap or click Change PC settings, and choose Update and recovery.
  3. Choose Check now.
  4. Assuming the updates are available, choose “View details.”
  5. Pick the updates you want to install, and tap or click “Install.”

You may need to restart the device after the updates install.

The company announced the updates last week, but if you haven’t gotten them yet, don’t panic. The company says on its website:

“When Surface updates are provided via the Windows Update service, they are delivered in stages to Surface customers. As a result, not every Surface will receive the update at the same time, but the update will be delivered to all devices. If you have not received the update, please manually check Windows Update later.”

According to Microsoft, the changes for the Surface Pro 3 include:

  • A UEFI update that adds support for new features in Windows 10.
  • An update to the wireless network controller and Bluetooth driver update that improves system stability and the Wi-Fi connectivity, while also increasing network download performance.
  • An update to the SATA AHCI Controller driver that stabilizes deployment methodology on Surface Pro 3.

The changes to the Surface 3 include:

  • An update to the Surface System Aggregator Firmware, which improves the experience while using the Surface Cover.
  •  An update to the Audio Device driver, which enhances audio performance.
  • Updates to the Surface pen settings driver  enables new functionality with the Surface app, available for free in the Windows Store.
  • An update to the Camera driver enhances the image and video quality while using camera.
  • An update to the HD graphics driver improves the display stability and graphics performance.
  • An update to the wireless network controller and Bluetooth driver improves system stability and Wi-Fi connectivity and increases the network download performance.

Writing on Gizmag, Will Shanklin says the update gets rid of a big problem he had using the Surface Pro: its “dual natured” Windows 8.1 software. He writes:

“Windows 10 fixes all of that. Skipping ‘Windows 9′ and branding it as ’10’ may be a smart way to distance Microsoft from the Windows 8 fiasco, but it’s also an accurate reflection of just how big a step forward the update is.”

The Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 are both available from, and through a variety of retailers. The Surface 3 sells for $499, while the Surface Pro 3 will cost you $799.

Image: Microsoft

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