T-Mobile Launches SyncUp FLEET for Small Business Vehicle Management

T-Mobile Launches SyncUp FLEET for Small Business Vehicle Management

T-Mobile (NYSE:PCS) has announced the addition of SyncUP FLEET to its SyncUP family of Internet of Things (IoT) products. The new service is going to give small and large businesses a fleet management solution with the company’s “un-carrier” pricing and contract philosophy.

For any company with a fleet of vehicles, having the right management system in place delivers control measures and data for making informed decisions. T-Mobile is expanding the network to make IoT more accessible with a nationwide narrowband IoT by 2018. With this network in place, the company can offer even businesses with small fleets IoT enabled services as the industry grows.

The economic impact of the IoT is forecasted to be anywhere from $2.7 to $6.2 trillion until 2025, this according to McKinsey and Company, a global consulting firm. With so much potential on the line, the infrastructure investment by T-Mobile for a nationwide narrowband IoT network will give many small businesses new opportunities.

With this infrastructure, T-Mobile can add more services, starting with SyncUP FLEET. Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer of T-Mobile, said on the company blog, “Not only have we built America’s best unlimited network, but this magenta army is also moving at a breakneck pace to support the future of connected devices in a 5G world.”

What is SyncUP FLEET?

SyncUP FLEET is a tracking device you plug in so you can use a mobile or desktop application to monitor and manage any size, class and type of vehicle. Unlike SyncUP Drive, which was limited to the number of vehicles it could monitor, FLEET can handle nationwide fleets.

Whether you have five or 500 vehicles, this low-cost fleet management and monitoring solution will help you lower fuel consumption, track vehicle maintenance, improve driver efficiency and more, the company says.

Small businesses can cut costs and increase productivity by receiving timely alerts across each segment of their fleet operations. This includes information on traffic delays, customer arrival times, driver time by location, maintenance notifications, and regular risk and safety reports.

Price and Availability

The SyncUP FLEET device is priced at $72 or $3 per month on T-Mobile’s interest-free 24 month equipment installment plan. The service will run you $15 per month with an unlimited mobile data plan at 512 kbps per vehicle. And just like its phone services, you can get it with no annual service contract.

Availability is set for later this fall, with no specific date announced by T-Mobile.

Image: T-Mobile

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