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Here you’ll find coverage of best places to start, operate or grow a small business. If you are an entrepreneur looking for a place for your next startup, best places rankings can help you evaluate your options. 

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2019 Best Cities Rankings

We are delighted to present the Small Business Trends rankings of Best Cities for Entrepreneurs, 2019 edition.


Startups and small businesses can be found everywhere, but these cities surged to the top because they attract large concentrations of entrepreneurs. They also have other things going for them: enjoyable lifestyle; workforce availability; reasonable costs of doing business; infrastructure; a welcoming business environment.


The rankings are based on Small Business Trends’ proprietary analysis, drawing on U.S. Census Bureau data and other data. Click on a segment above to read more.

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About our Best Places Coverage

Here at Small Business Trends we have a long history of covering the best places for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Fun fact: our very first article back in 2003 when the site was founded covered a list of best cities for entrepreneurs. And we’ve continued to cover best cities, best states, best regions to start a business or grow a business.

The best way to use a list of best places is for insights about what makes a great location. Don’t assume that you have to relocate to a place that’s ranked in order to be successful. Success can come anywhere, if you believe in your vision.