Business Ideas

Huge lists of business ideas to start in every industry. Covered are business ideas for kids, business ideas for teens, business ideas for women plus hundreds and hundreds more business ideas for entrepreneurs of every skill level.

The articles below are aimed at helping you sort through the many options and decide on the business idea that will work best for you.

50 Business Ideas for Writers

50 Business Ideas for Writing Entrepreneurs

Have a knack for writing and thinking of a career using that skill? Or are you a writer in need of expanding the services you can offer? Here are 50 businesses you can operate as a writer.

11 Hot Fitness Business Ideas

11 Hot Fitness Business Ideas

Fitness crazes come and go. Here are 11 hot fitness business ideas that are filling up class schedules at studios near you.

sports business ideas

19 Hot Sports Business Ideas

Sports present a host of opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Some of the businesses here are pure startups but others just require marketing existing businesses to a sports crowd.

side businesses

65 Side Businesses You Can Start

If you've got a little extra time on your hands or have a want for a little extra money, consider one or more of these 65 side businesses you can start ... most from your home.

second career

17 Great Business Ideas as a Second Career

If you're tired of working for others and ready to start working for yourself, or just need a change in business, check out these 19 options for a second career as a startup owner.

combat drones

5 Business Ideas You Can Start to Combat Hostile Drones

The use of drones is spawning some interesting business applications. And one of those is the use of anti-drone technologies. Here are a handful of businesses that employ the use of anti-drone technologies and some creative non-tech ways to combat drones and services that could be an idea for your own localized business.

low tech business ideas

50 Low Tech Businesses You Can Start

In today's fast-paced, hi-tech world, there's still a great need for businesses that aren't necessarily based in technology. Check out these 50 low-tech businesses you can start.

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