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Imagine yourself as an entrepreneur.  If you need inspiration for your next business, you’ve come to the right place. Our editors and writers have identified over 3,500 small business ideasWhatever your dreams, there’s something for everyone. Explore the best option to fit your goals and passion.

The definitive list!  Perfect for beginners and intermediate levels.

Start a very successful business right from your own garage.

Working from home offers flexibility, independence and work-life balance.

Some businesses make money sooner than others.

Make some money without having to be away from home.

If you’re artistic or crafty, these craft business ideas are for you.

By Investment

By Profitability and Cash Flow

By Interests

Many entrepreneurs turn a hobby or crazy obsession into a company. Does that sound like you? No matter what your interests or background, transform your passion and skills into business success. 

By Family Member


By Personality

Do you like working alone? Do crowds tire you out? Congratulations, you’re an introvert. These options may appeal to you.

Are you outgoing? Do people energize you? Cheers! You’re an extrovert. These businesses let your personality shine.

For Foodies

Have you ever thought of owning a restaurant serving your unique recipes? 


Or perhaps raising edibles is your thing — the farm to table movement is huge.


Our editors and writers have uncovered 84 concepts for small enterprises involving food.  And several more specialty ideas.


Local or Retail

Your first brick and mortar store doesn’t need to be boring. Decide on a niche that will be fun, too. 

Renting a storefront in a shopping mall could be expensive. A more affordable option could be a small kiosk to take advantage of all the foot traffic. 

Entrepreneurs may be tempted by large urban landscapes. But plenty of opportunities exist in small towns. Advantages? Lower cost and lower competition are just two. 

Have you dreamed of your own retail shop? Some are more expensive than others to get up and running. These 50 suggestions won’t break the bank.

Different and Unusual

These days people get inspiration from just about anywhere. Even a storage unit or shipping container can spark a concept for a business. Explore these not-so-typical options. 

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