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Why Small Farms Fail: Expert Gives 5 Tips to Prevent It

5 Mistakes Can Kill Your Small Farm

Why do small farms fail? That’s a question that Curtis Stone has been pondering for some time. Here he lists the most common reasons why small farms fail.

Rural Farmers

Startup Connects Rural Farmers with Urban Customers

Farmers to You is solving a problem facing a lot of consumers in big cities -- no access to local, farm-grown produce. This startup is taking the transportation onus off the farmers and getting fresh, healthy food to consumers who often don't have access to it.

farming water use

Farmers Can Use These Smart Sensors to Save Water in a Drought

For farmers in a drought, there's a constant balancing act between conserving water and using enough to keep your crops alive. Though farming water use has been an issue for some time, one technology company thinks it has found a solution.