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bendable smartphone screens

Look At This Crazy Bendable Smartphone Screen from Oppo

It may have a crazy look, but this new bendable smartphone screen could have huge implication for productivity on the go. The question is whether the prototype will be mass produced for the commercial market anytime soon.

recharge your phone

Recharge Your Phone in Three Minutes With iTron

WIth some of the same technology that provides juice to Tesla electric cars, the iTron portable charging station is capable of charging up to 3 devices at once and fully charge a phone in less than 20 minutes.

Dell Latitude 12

Dell Latitude 12 Rugged Takes Tablet to Extremes

Dell says the new Latitude 12 Rugged notebook can survive the harshest conditions. This marketing point isn't often heard as companies compete to make the thinnest, lightest devices for consumers.

Smappee Pro System

New Smappee Pro System Helps Small Businesses Save on Energy

The Smappee Pro System is more than just a dash board and some flashy analytics. It also includes some gadgets called Comfort Plugs that can actually shut down energy draining appliances in your place of business on holidays and weekends.


E-Bikes are the Newest Trend for the Super Rich

Bicycles are meant to be cost-effective means of transportation. But all bikes aren't created equally. And the trend in the industry is to cater to extremely wealthy. A niche called e-bikes can range anywhere up to $40,000!

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