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Survey Questions

16 Survey Questions to Ask Customers

How you write survey questions, and which types you use, can have a huge impact on your marketing research results. Here's what you need to know.

Marketing Research

Guide to How to Do Marketing Research

This marketing research guide gives you an overview of the critical steps your small business needs to be competitive. Market research gives you that edge.

Best Cost Cutting Ideas for Your Business

Best Cost Cutting Ideas for Your Business

When you MUST save money in your business, see our list of cost cutting ideas to stop the bleeding, ease cash flow and improve profits. Fast, immediate.

Small Business Guide to Video Marketing

Small Business Guide to Video Marketing

Learn how to become a pro at video marketing for your business. Here is our guide to getting it right, with tips, examples of videos, pointers and tools.

Email Marketing Guide

Email Marketing Guide for Beginners

If you've ever wondered why your small business should use email marketing, and how to use email marketing step-by-step, then come check out our guide.

albert einstein creativity quote

Creativity Quotes to Inspire You

Need to be creative? Want to reach business goals? Get inspired: 60 great creativity quotes from famous leaders. Steve Jobs, Einstein, Reid Hoffman, more.

Benjamin Franklin quote

61 Persistence Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Persistence keeps you going when the going gets tough. Get motivated with this list of the best persistence quotes from famous business leaders.

How to Work from Home

Working from home has become the temporary new norm. Here are some tips to help you adjust.

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