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Looking for some of the most popular business articles on Small Business Trends? You’ve found them. Here you will find business guides, and in-depth business articles that offer a lot of guidance, value, insight and ideas for the small business community.

Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs

10 Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs are out there developing the technology and products that will surely lead us into the future. But where in the U.S. are they enjoying the best business climate. This study shows the top locations may not be where you think initially.

Etsy SEO

13 Etsy SEO Tips to Get Your Products Found

If you want to get your great handmade products in front of the most Etsy users, try out these SEO tips that'll boost the visibility of your listings.

top cities for small business entrepreneurs

30 Top Cities for Small Business Entrepreneurs

Small businesses are opening all over the U.S., and at a rate faster than they're closing. So, what cities in the U.S. are serving as friendliest hosts to small business?

10 Tips for Growing Your Small Business Team

10 Tips for Growing Your Small Business Team

Is your small business expanding to the point that you're ready to add a new member to the team? Members of the small business community offer some wisdom on how best to make the transition a smooth and productive one.

public speaking tips

20 Tips on Public Speaking

A famous comedian once noted, people fear public speaking more than death. That means they'd rather be dead than delivering the eulogy. Really? Public speaking isn't THAT bad. Here are 20 easy tips to help you through your next presentation.

the ultimate guide to Periscope

The Ultimate Guide to Periscope

By now you've no doubt heard of the power of Periscope to build community and amplify your brand. But the platform keeps evolving and just to keep you up to date, here's a quick guide to the live streaming network thus far.

website startup guide

A Website Startup Guide for Small Businesses

Most, if not all, small businesses need websites these days. They are great cost-effective way of spreading the word about your products or services. But, just as important, they allow you another opportunity to engage with your customers. Here's a simple guide to create a website for your company.

tax eBook

Free Tax eBook: Guide to Tax Prep for Small Businesses

The tax deadline is fast approaching and if you're like a lot of small business owners, you may be feeling the time crunch. National Funding Inc. wants to help, though. They've created this free, 23-page ebook specifically written for small businesses who need some help preparing their taxes this year.