Humanizing the Customer Experience with Technology

Human interaction is still key in creating a positive customer experience. However, many business leaders have grappled with the challenge of humanizing customer experience with new technologies. Here are three simple ways to do so.

Harnessing the Unlimited Power of the Hybrid Workplace For Your Business

With news of companies including Microsoft and Google announcing their plans to return to the office, some businesses are putting a swift end to remote work. Business owners are faced with the decision of whether to continue remote work, return to the office full time, or implement a hybrid work model.

Zoho Sign: Digitally Request Signatures Or Sign Documents

The influx of remote work last year birthed tons of new collaboration tools. But sometimes, the simplest functions like signing documents, are those that can seem most difficult for businesses to overcome. That’s exactly the function that Zoho Sign aims to help with.

forestplanet green business initiative opportunities business marketing

A Cost Effective Way to Create a Greener Brand

Many companies don’t have the manpower or resources to start their own initiatives. Luckily, ForestPlanet does. They give businesses a cost effective way to create greener brands by providing cost effective green initiatives for business.

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