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Things You Didn’t Know

11 Really Cool Things to Know about CDW

Join Small Business Trends on a tour of the CDW facility in Chicago. Security at the building was tight and photos weren't allowed beyond the main reception area. Here are 11 cool facts about the company gathered on the tour.

The Psychology of Color in Marketing

The following infographic, created by the folks at WebpageFX, takes a look at the psychology of color and presents some common associations of different colors. It also shows the overall importance of color to consumers and characteristics of many individual colors. The numbers are pretty fascinating.

Do You Know the Difference Between Delegating and Abdicating?

A small business owner's biggest dream comes true: his business takes off and becomes successful. But his challenges are just beginning, as he must learn the difference between delegating and abdicating. Read this story that explains what can happen if you don't follow all the steps for effective delegation.

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