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twitter algorithm timeline

Will a New Algorithmic Timeline Change the Look of Twitter?

Reports that Twitter is going to be changing its timeline presentation to one based on an algorithm, not one based on when tweets are sent. The so-called news was short-lived, at least for now. CEO Jack Dorsey says there are no plans to change the overall way we view the site right now.

Big Twitter Outage Leaves Users Disconnected

Big Twitter Outage Leaves Users Disconnected

A Twitter outage early this morning likely caused a lot of disruptions for the beginning of the business day in the U.S. A system outage was reported before dawn, at 3:20 a.m. EST.

Twitter Hashtag ads

Twitter Introduces Hashtag Ads

A new advertising initiative from Twitter will allow small businesses to promote their messages using specific hashtags.

Webmasters in Uproar Over Missing Twitter Share Counts

Twitter has eliminated share counts from the site. That means plugin users won't be able to brag about the number of times a particular link has been shared on the social site and the change has caused a commotion.