Zoho Corporation

Zoho is a company that offers cloud-based  software applications to run a business efficiently. Dubbed by the company as “the operating system for business,” Zoho’s integrated software includes over 35 applications including CRM, accounting, social media management, project management, HR management and more.

Introducing Zoho Zia, the AI Chatbot for CRM

New Zoho Chatbot Zia Geared for Small Business Teams

Zoho Zia is an AI-powered chatbot that works with the software company's CRM solution to provides a voice interface so sales people get the info they need without having to look at a screen. Get all the details after the jump.

Announcing Zoho SalesInbox - Zoho Introduces Email for Sales People, Marketplace and More

Zoho Introduces Email for Sales People, Marketplace and More

An email client just for sales pros? That's what Zoho's introducing. It's designed to reduce a lot of the back-and-forth from app to app and platform to platform that results in lost contacts, missed requests and lost money.

Take Advantage of Energy Tax Savings for Your Business

Learn how to control your energy budget, where to look for little known energy rebates and loan programs for small businesses and much more.

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