Zoho Corporation

Zoho is a company that offers cloud-based  software applications to run a business efficiently. Dubbed by the company as “the operating system for business,” Zoho’s integrated software includes over 35 applications including CRM, accounting, social media management, project management, HR management and more.

Zoho Launches Updated Creator Platform with Integration and AI Functionality

With the March 3 launch of its newest version of Creator, Zoho answers the demand for a low-code platform with the sophistication to develop scalable end-to-end tools that are enterprise-ready. The Zoho Creator Platform supports every level needed for a complete low-code experience, including building, managing, integrating and analyzing.

jb music therapy

Zoho Helps JB Music Therapy Integrate Its Operations

By integrating other business tools with their CRM systems, companies can streamline their business processes and operations. JB Music Therapy has harnessed the tools available from Zoho One to integrate its operations.  

4 Ways To Automate and Adapt To Combat Labor Shortages

The challenges from the pandemic have required small businesses to adapt and become more resilient. And while some obstacles have subsided new ones have arisen, such as labor shortages and hiring challenges. But there are some ways you can combat this.

Zoho Gives Capitol Corridor a Boost in Customer Engagement

Northern California’s Capitol Corridor is an intercity passenger train system that provides commuters and travelers an alternative to traveling the area’s congested freeways. Like so many businesses, Capitol Corridor faced challenges since the onset of the global pandemic as both business and leisure traffic stalled. We spoke with the organization’s principal marketing representative, Marques Cook, about the company’s story.