Target, Shopify Partnership Could Benefit Small Businesses


Target and Shopify just announced a new partnership that may benefit some small businesses. This partnership will allow Target to source and onboard new online sellers from Shopify into its Target+ platform, an online marketplace for third-party products.

Target hopes the deal will help draw more customers to its online marketplace with unique products. And Shopify sellers may benefit by increasing the exposure of their products to those who shop on Target+.

Harley Finkelstein, president of Shopify, said in a news release, “It’s table stakes for merchants to be everywhere customers are, and as the world’s leading retail operating system, we make it easier and more accessible for brands to sell directly to their customers on the best channels. Partnering with Target helps high-growth brands like Caden Lane and True Classic reach millions of new loyal customers and take their business to the next level.”

It’s important to note, however, that products from Shopify sellers won’t automatically be available on Target+. The marketplace is still an invite-only option. However, this partnership means that Target will actively search Shopify stores for products that meet their criteria. So there’s an increased likelihood that those selling on Shopify may have their products discovered by Target, and thus increase their reach to customers online.

Target is certainly a big name in the retail space, so this opportunity could be huge for small businesses that have their items picked up. However, Target+ is not nearly as big in the e-commerce marketplace space as Amazon, eBay, and others that make it easier for independent e-commerce businesses to sell their goods.

By keeping this invite-only model, it seems that Target is trying to maintain an exclusive, high-quality experience. That means that not all Shopify sellers will fit with the company’s goals. But those that do meet the criteria could benefit greatly since their products will only be featured alongside select others rather than a huge range of items from any sellers who sign up for an account. Additionally, Target officials have said that those who are chosen to have their products featured on Target+ could also get the opportunity to make their items available in stores.


Annie Pilon Annie Pilon is a Senior Staff Writer for Small Business Trends and has been a member of the team for 12 years. Annie covers feature stories, community news and in-depth, expert-based guides. She has a bachelor’s degree from Columbia College Chicago in Journalism and Marketing Communications.