18 Tea Franchises to Consider

Tea Franchises

Tea is one of the most popular beverages around the world. As a result, starting a business that offers this healthy and delicious drink can be a rewarding and profitable experience.

If you’re interested in starting a tea business, a franchise can help you get up and running quickly. These opportunities give you access to proven menus and systems. And you can attach yourself to a recognizable name right away.

There are tons of tea franchises available, all with different niches and specialties. Understanding the options can help you make the best decision for your new business venture.

Selecting the Perfect Tea Franchise: Our Methodology

When it comes to owning a tea franchise, you’re entering the world of soothing brews and delightful flavors. But how do you pick the best one from the options available? We’ve ranked these criteria on a scale of importance, using a 1-10 rating scale, with 10 being the highest importance and 1 being the lowest:

Quality of Tea Offerings (Rating: 10/10): The quality and variety of tea options should be exceptional, as it’s the core product and the primary reason customers visit a tea franchise.

Brand Reputation and Recognition (Rating: 9/10): A well-established and recognized brand is crucial. It often reflects the quality of the tea and can help attract loyal customers.

Location and Foot Traffic (Rating: 9/10): Choosing the right location with high foot traffic is vital for success. It’s equally crucial as brand reputation because it directly impacts visibility and sales.

Menu Variety and Customization (Rating: 8/10): Offering a diverse menu with customization options can enhance the customer experience and cater to various tastes and preferences.

Franchise Fees and Costs (Rating: 7/10): The financial aspect is important, but it’s not as vital as the quality of tea and location. Consider initial franchise fees, ongoing royalties, and startup costs.

Marketing and Advertising Support (Rating: 7/10): Effective marketing support from the franchisor can significantly boost brand visibility and customer acquisition.

Supplier Relationships (Rating: 6/10): Maintaining reliable and cost-effective supplier relationships is significant but slightly less crucial than core factors.

Training and Support (Rating: 6/10): Comprehensive training and ongoing support from the franchisor are essential but not as high-priority as core elements.

Equipment and Technology (Rating: 5/10): Proper equipment and technology matter for efficient operations but rank lower in importance compared to others.

Community Involvement (Rating: 4/10): Engaging with the local community can be beneficial, but it’s not as critical as the core factors.

Unique Tea Franchises

Here are 18 tea franchise concepts to consider for aspiring entrepreneurs.

1. Fava Tea


Fava Tea is a retail tea business that currently has multiple locations in Wisconsin, with potential expansion opportunities throughout the U.S. The company sells a variety of specialty teas along with related products and gifts. The company also aims to provide a memorable experience for visitors. Franchisees pay an initial fee of up to $30,000. Startup costs range from $126,825 to $349,150.

2. TeaGschwendner

teagschwendner Tea Franchises

TeaGschwendner first opened in Germany in the late 1970’s. Since then, the company has opened up more than 130 retail locations in seven countries. Their U.S. operations are headquartered in Chicago. New franchisees and managers can receive training there before getting started. The franchise fee ranges from $15,000 to $25,000.

3. The Teahouse

The Teahouse

This Texas-based chain specializes in tea and other healthy beverages in a quick service environment. The Teahouse is a family friendly company that’s been around since 2000. They use carefully chosen ingredients in their teas. And they also aim to provide quality service and open communication to franchisees. The franchise fee is $25,000. Upfront costs range from $165,000 to $300,000, depending on what type of location you want to open.

4. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

the coffee bean and tea leaf Tea Franchises

Though not exclusively a tea franchise, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf offers a variety of both coffee and tea beverages. Founded in Southern California in 1963, tea and coffee franchising company has since grown to include more than 1,200 locations around the world. The company is looking to expand through multi-unit franchise development. The business also offers a variety of nontraditional models and location options, including those at airports, colleges, hotels, and grocery stores. It provides training, development, design, operations, marketing and logistical support. Franchising fees range from $15,000 to $25,000. The initial investment ranges from $183,250 to $615,500.

5. Teapioca Lounge

Teapioca Lounge

Originally founded in 2010, Teapioca Lounge offers traditional and specialty teas along with other beverage options. The brand aims to mix both east and west tea traditions in quick service environments. The company is known for product quality, innovative drinks, and trendy settings. The franchise provides training and grand opening assistance for franchisees. There’s a $25,000 franchise fee. Initial investment ranges from $205,500 to $351,100.

6. Dobra Tea

dobra tea Tea Franchises

Founded in 1992 in Prague, Czech Republic, Dobra Tea aims to spread authentic tea culture from around the world. The company already has several locations throughout the U.S., and more in other parts of the world. Dobra’s team helps franchisees with training, publicity and more. They specifically look for franchisees that love tea and tea culture. The company doesn’t list any franchise fees publicly. However, you’ll pay between $50,000 and $100,000 to get a new store set up.



TSUJIRI is a global tea brand that specializes in Japanese tea culture. The company even offers specialty products like matcha. TSUJIRI doesn’t currently have any locations in the U.S. However, there are a few in Canada. The company is open to expansion in new markets. Inquire about specific costs if you’re interested in bringing this franchise to a new customer base.

8. Sweetwaters

sweetwaters Tea Franchises

Sweetwaters is a franchise coffee and tea house. If you’re a tea lover, you’ll probably appreciate the variety of classic and premium teas, along with the tea boxes that are available for sale. Franchisees can enjoy a comprehensive training program along with marketing and operations support. A franchise fee of $49,000 is required. Initial investment ranges from $260,076 to $393,174.

9. Spice Merchants

Spice Merchants

With stores in several states throughout the U.S., Spice Merchants is a retail business that offers spices, teas and other specialty food items. The company offers help with training, inventory and store setup. You don’t need a culinary or tea background to get started. However, you should expect to spend between $60,000 to $127,000 in total startup costs, including a franchise fee of $25,000.

10. Presotea

presotea Tea Franchises

Presotea specializes in espresso style tea. The company has more than 370 locations in countries around the world. While the brand isn’t especially active in the United States, it is looking for new expansion opportunities. Presotea offers training and consultation along with management counseling and other services for franchisees. The opportunity comes with a $14,000 franchise fee, plus $20,000 for the required training program. Initial startup costs range from $235,000 to $365,000.

11. The Spice & Tea Exchange

The Spice and Tea Exchange

The Spice & Tea Exchange is a retail business with franchise opportunities available. There are already franchise locations set up throughout the United States. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy some brand recognition depending on the market you choose. The company encourages new franchisees to learn from current business owners. It also offers a training program called Spice UniversiTEA. The initial franchise fee is $37,750. New franchisees can expect to pay between $183,650 and $384,250 to get started.

12. Jamba Juice

jamba juice Tea Franchises

Jamba Juice is a well known chain, though not particularly famous for tea. However, it does offer a variety of tea products including Talbott Teas. Other products include smoothies, juice and other healthy beverage options. The company provides training, operations support and access to high quality vendors. The brand looks for entrepreneurial individuals. Those with experience in food service or retail, as well as those interested in opening multiple locations, are preferred. The fee for a new franchise is $35,000. Initial costs range from $273,000 to $504,300.

13. Tea Shop

Tea Shop is a tea franchise based in Spain. However, the company is expanding into new markets like Brazil and Italy as well. There’s no word on whether the company plans to expand into the U.S. market but interested franchisees may want to keep this brand on their radar. The company provides individualized information about the business model and operations throughout each step of the franchising process. The fee for a new franchise is 12.000 €. And total upfront costs are around 77,000 €.

14. Tea Lounge

Tea Lounge aims to bring a cafe style tea house to communities throughout the world. The company wants to create a non traditional franchise program with a community feel rather than a corporate environment. Based in New York, Tea Lounge allows franchisees to personalize their shops by working with local artisans, bakers, and more. The initial franchise fee is $25,000. Upfront costs range from $140,750 to $243,750.

15. Hiccups Restaurant & Tea House

Hiccups offers an Asian Fusion restaurant mixed with a trendy tea house. The brand is known for specialty drinks, fresh ingredients, and welcoming environments. The franchise fee is $40,000, or $20,000 for those who have opened three or more stores. Overall startup costs can go up to $350,000.

16. Demmers Teahaus

Demmers Teahaus offers a wide array of specialty teas in a traditional store environment. Most of the company’s locations are currently in Europe and Asia. The brand looks for individuals who are passionate about tea and have business experience. The company provides assistance with training, marketing, and logistics. Demmers doesn’t make franchising costs available. Interested franchisees must inquire directly to get more information.

17. i-Tea

i-Tea offers specialty drinks in a quick service environment. Most of its current locations are in California. However, the brand is open to expanding to new markets as well. The stores also provide some food items. Fees and other expenses vary by location and the company hasn’t published that information. As a result, those interested in becoming franchisees must contact the company for more information.

18. Camellia’s Tea House

Camellia’s Tea House offers tastings and specialty teas in a traditional store and tea house environments. The company is heavily involved in traditional tea culture in the U.K. However, they now sell products in other countries as well. The company is still relatively small. They don’t publish information about costs and fees, but an inquiry might result in more information.

Creating a Unique Tea Experience

When you venture into the world of tea franchises, it’s not just about the product; it’s about the experience you offer to your customers. To stand out in a competitive market, consider these strategies to create a unique and memorable tea experience:

  • Tea Tastings: Host regular tea tastings where customers can explore different tea varieties and learn about their origins and health benefits.
  • Custom Blends: Allow customers to create their custom tea blends, adding a personal touch to their tea-drinking experience.
  • Tea Workshops: Organize workshops on tea preparation, brewing techniques, and the art of pairing tea with food.
  • Local Artisan Collaborations: Partner with local artisans to offer unique tea-related products, such as handcrafted tea accessories or artisanal treats that complement your tea offerings.
  • Seasonal Menus: Introduce seasonal tea menus that feature special blends and flavors inspired by the time of year, creating anticipation and excitement among customers.
  • Interactive Tea Bar: Set up an interactive tea bar where customers can watch the tea-making process, from steeping to serving, enhancing transparency and engagement.
  • Tea and Wellness: Highlight the wellness aspects of tea by offering wellness-focused teas, such as herbal blends known for their health benefits.
  • Tea Subscription Services: Launch a tea subscription service that delivers curated tea experiences to customers’ doorsteps, allowing them to explore new flavors regularly.
  • Cultural Events: Celebrate tea cultures from around the world by hosting cultural events and tea ceremonies that immerse customers in the rich traditions of tea.
Tea TastingsHost regular tea tastings to explore different tea varieties and educate customers on origins and health benefits.
Custom BlendsAllow customers to create custom tea blends, adding a personal touch to their tea experience.
Tea WorkshopsOrganize workshops on tea preparation, brewing techniques, and pairing tea with food.
Local Artisan CollaborationsPartner with local artisans to offer unique tea-related products and artisanal treats.
Seasonal MenusIntroduce seasonal tea menus with special blends and flavors inspired by the time of year.
Interactive Tea BarSet up an interactive tea bar where customers can observe the tea-making process for transparency.
Tea and WellnessHighlight wellness aspects by offering health-focused teas, such as herbal blends.
Tea Subscription ServicesLaunch a tea subscription service for curated tea experiences delivered to customers' doorsteps.
Cultural EventsCelebrate global tea cultures with cultural events and tea ceremonies to immerse customers.

How Profitable is a Tea Franchise?

A tea franchise can be profitable under the right circumstances. However, many are not profitable at least in the first few years. Generally, they do not carry expensive products. Overhead for traditional store environments can be high. As a result, choosing a franchise with a diversified product offering and low operating expenses can make these businesses more profitable.

What is the Cost of Opening a Tea Franchise?

A franchise can cost between $50,000 and $400,000 to open. Most fall somewhere between $150,000 and $250.,000. Costs depend on the business model you choose. For example, a traditional store may cost more than a small cart or other non-traditional setups.

What is the Best Tea Franchise to Own?

The best tea franchise depends on what you’re looking for. If you love traditional tea, a business like the Spice & Tea Exchange or The Teahouse may be of interest. Those looking for brand recognition may opt for a business that offers other options like Jamba Juice or The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

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