Bucket Brigade, Pogo-Sticking, and More Techniques That Can Jumpstart Your Digital Marketing

Not all marketing techniques have catchy names. But me, like bucket brigade or pogo-sticking, offer titles that help them stick in people’s minds. Here are some techniques, both named and unnamed, that members of the online small business community have found successful.

Use the Bucket Brigade Technique in Your Copywriting

Your copywriting skills can impact the effectiveness of your online content, ads, and other marketing materials. And bucket brigade is one technique that can be especially useful, as Erik Emanuelli details here. After reading, head over to BizSugar to see commentary from members.

techniques to jumpstart your digital marketing

Make Your Content More Engaging with Pogo-Sticking in SEO

Pogo-sticking is another common strategy that many online content creators use to improve both SEO and engagement. Learn more about the concept and how to apply it to your own marketing in this 99signals post by Sandeep Mallya.

Redesign Your Website Without Puncturing SEO

A website redesign can refresh your online presence. But some businesses worry that it could harm the SEO strategy they’ve worked so hard to create. Luckily, there are some tips that can help you navigate this process successfully. Read a guide in this PageTraffic Buzz post by Gajendra Rathore.

Find Motivation for Content Marketing Beyond SEO

Content marketing can certainly help with SEO. But if it’s the only reason you create online content, the quality of your work may not actually help readers. Instead, Robert Rose argues for different motivations in this Content Marketing Institute post.

Balance SEO with Your Marketing Goals

In fact, SEO often is just part of a larger marketing strategy. So you have to balance your search functions with other strategies that suit your audience. In this Search Engine Journal post, Alexander Kesler dives deeper into this concept for readers.

Find and Fix Your Content Gaps

When creating content, you may sometimes notice gaps between what you’re providing and what readers actually need. These can form over time as content becomes outdated or because of simple errors. Neil Patel explains how to find and fix these gaps in this post.

Get Links from Big Publications

The amount and quality of other websites that link to your content or site can dramatically impact SEO. You don’t have full control over this element. But there are some things you can do to entice large publications to link to you. Get tips in this SEMrush post by Alex Gopshtein.

Create Engaging Hashtags for Your Business

Nearly every popular social media and content platform uses hashtags to categorize and promote content. But if you want to get real results from your hashtags, they need to be engaging. Learn more in this Pixel Productions post by Pearl De Guzman.

Learn the Basics of Sales Funnels

Sales funnels can put a large portion of your sales functions on autopilot. This frees your time to get more creative or build new skills that can impact your business over time. In this Startup Bonsai post, Nicola Bleu shares many current statistics that can teach you more about sales funnels.

Use These Gestalt Principles to Improve Visual Branding

The visuals used in your marketing materials should impact customer perception of your brand. But there’s a lot of psychology involved in this. So learning the Gestalt principals about perception may help. Read a quick guide in this Crowdspring post by Rizza DC. Then see what BizSugar members are saying about the post here.

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