How This Technology Automated Core Business Functions When Needed Most


I always admire organizations that use technology tools to do good. In fact, there is a lot we can learn from non-profits.

On The Small Business Radio Show this week, I talked with Hank Dearden, who is the Executive Director of ForestPlanet, an organization that supports large-scale, low-cost-per-tree reforestation efforts all over the world. collaborates with local communities, governments, businesses, and other stakeholders to initiate reforestation projects and raise awareness about the importance of forests. They believe that restoring and protecting forests can mitigate climate change, preserve biodiversity, and improve the quality of life for both people and the planet.

Here is what we talked about

  • Why did he decide to work at this organization and what about the job he loves the most?
  • How the COVID pandemic affected people contributing to organizations and what technology helped them achieve.
  • Why Forest Planet’s automated core business functions and workflows from the outset – which so many small business owners failed to do. Hank says that using Zoho One was critical in managing their growth.
  • Why integration to Zoho with other applications in his organization was so paramount.
  • The outlook for your organization in 2023 and what they hope to achieve.
  • The partnership ForestPlanet has with Zoho on how they are working together to make an ecological impact in the world.

Listen to the entire interview with Hank on how technology changed his company.

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