Technology Unlocks New Potential For Small Business, Telecommuting Increases in Popularity

Technology Unlocks New Potential For Small Business, Telecommuting Increases in Popularity

How long have you been in business?

For a lot of us, just getting through the first year seems like a dream sometimes. And at times, it can feel like you’ve been in business forever.

Well, this week I got a notification on my LinkedIn account that this very company, and its founder Anita Campbell, have been in business for 15 years.

So, I dedicated the latest This Week in Small Business to discuss the last 15 years in small business. In our discussion, Anita and I specifically discuss the role of technology in small business and how this company and others manage new tech and integrate them into how they operate.

You can check out our full discussion in the video above or follow along with a transcript of the discussion here.

For the actual week in small business news, be sure to check out the Small Business Trends news roundup below, including a story on one particular insect that’s causing all sorts of problems for businesses in one part of the country and how it could potentially impact your business.

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Survey Reveals Top 20 Telecommute Jobs Businesses are Hiring For in 2018

Freelancers are increasingly making up a larger percentage of the workforce and businesses of all sizes are offering more telecommuting gigs to accommodate them. The new survey from Virtual Vocations has ranked the top telecommute jobs of 2018 along with the seasonal telecommute jobs through December.

US Coal Businesses Should Consider Foreign Markets as International Demand Increases

Foreign markets are lining up to purchase American coal by widening amounts as U.S. coal consumption reaches its lowest level in more than three decades. US Coal Consumption Power plants’ consumption of coal dropped to 298 million short tons in the first half of 2018, a sharp fall from 312 million in the same period last year, according to a Thomson Reuters report.


Decisely Introduces Services Allowing Small Businesses to Provide Retirement More Affordably

As new state and city requirements force small businesses to provide retirement benefits for their employees, Decisely, a retirement solutions provider, has created a service aimed at the growing market for small business retirement options. Decisely’s service allows small businesses to make group purchases of retirement benefits by leveraging the economy of scale.


60% of Customers Would Pay More for Made In America, Report Says (INFOGRAPHIC)

The phrase “Made in the USA” is more than just a slogan. It represents the manufacturing capability of the country. And according to an infographic from Standard Textile, US manufacturing drives more innovation than any other sector in the country. The infographic is titled, “Advanced U.S. Manufacturing: Strengthening Communities and the Economy.

Small Business Operations

New Chrome Extension Called Drag Works as a Productivity Tool in Your Gmail

In today’s digital ecosystem, your business conversations generally start and end with an email. Drag is a Chrome extension which turns Gmail into a Kanban board with a visual layout for managing your conversations and tasks. Drag was created to reduce the time users waste in their inbox by integrating the functionality of tools such as Trello.

Social Media

LinkedIn Refresh Creates New Professional Communities for Business

A month after announcing the redesign of its Groups platform, LinkedIn unveiled Groups Experiences to build a shared space for professional communities. LinkedIn Groups Relaunch On its blog, LinkedIn said the new platform was built from the ground up after hearing how important Groups was for its users.


Kickstarter Launches Designed by Artists

A new initiative called Design by Artists from Kickstarter looks to bring community-centered products with cross-category projects. Kickstarter Designed by Artists The company says it wants to elevate these projects by providing the resources artists need to build their first product.

Technology Trends

Thinking about Buying an iPhone for Your Business? Read This First

An iPhone is a common purchase for people all over the world. Around 223 million Americans have a smartphone, and 43% (around 96 million) have an iPhone, according to Statista. The fall 2018 iPhone lineup includes a flagship iPhone XS Max with a top $1,449 price tag.

New Stripe Terminal Offers POS You Can Customize for Your Small Business

The launch of the in-person Stripe Terminal brings a company established for digital commerce into brick-and-mortar stores. Stripe is looking to supply payment solutions for the increasing number of digital-first companies who are also selling their products and services in person.

What Does the EU’s Article 13 Mean for Small Site Publishers?

On September 12, 2018, the European Union passed Article 13, a controversial Copyright Directive which will affect how companies and people in Europe use and profit from the internet. Despite intense opposition to the legislation and its divisiveness, Article 13 was passed in a 438 to 226 vote.

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