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Periscope’s home page tells you what it’s for: To “explore the world through the eyes of somebody else.” Serial entrepreneur Ray Garcia introduces a time-saving enhancement while staying true to Periscope’s main purpose.

Garcia develops digital marketing strategies for brands like HP, Panasonic, Epson, Honeywell, and more. Ranked in Klout’s top 0.2 percent in social media expertise, Garcia started broadcasting on Periscope’s first day. And now he helps with strategies on how to use Periscope, including helping small businesses get started with live streaming. You can find his broadcasts under @RayGCreative on Periscope and Twitter. Small Business Trends recently caught up with Garcia via Skype.

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relocation adviceSmall Business Trends: Tell us about how live streaming fits into your company or ventures.

Ray Garcia: I recently launched an online marketplace called which provides virtual tours and services on demand. It’s a marketplace similar to Airbnb or Fiverr but for live streamers. We intend to help people who are relocating, or going on vacation to a new city by matching them with a live streamer willing to show them around in real-time for a small fee, and to provide valuable insights the way only a local can. We feel getting a real-time view and “advice from a native” is priceless. The amount of research, time and money someone spends during the research phase of any of these situations could be greatly reduced with a service like ours, and a lot more accurate. leverages live streaming platforms like Periscope, Blab or Skype in order to make this possible.

Let’s say someone needs to relocate for work, or just going on a business trip. They could go to and type in the city name. Live streamers available in that location would show up as a search result. The user then picks the best person they feel would be of most help to them.

This decision could be based on price, platform to be used, number of years living in the area, availability, positive reviews or even the industry this person is in. After coordination, booking and fulfillment of the task, both parties can write a review about each other. That’s it.

relocation advice

Small Business Trends: Tell us about a live stream you did that you’ll never forget and what made it memorable.

Ray Garcia: “Don’t Be a Red Dot” is a show I do every Monday around 11:30 p.m. ET on Periscope to educate people on how to stay safe while Periscope. The debut show was something I’ll never forget. I take safety very seriously and unfortunately it’s hard for some people to learn the way new apps work. Some live streamers don’t realize they could be putting themselves, or their families in danger by not being aware of every feature in an app. The “red dot” alludes to what we see on Periscope’s extremely accurate Global Page map. It’s so accurate it even reveals the exact block you’re broadcasting from. This ties into personal safety! The amount of thank you messages I receive week after week is overwhelming. That kind of gratitude is an indication that my audience really appreciates my advice.

Small Business Trends: How did the idea for come to you?

Ray Garcia: Personal need! I’ve moved about six times in the last six years. A service like this one could’ve saved me a lot of money and time. In one case, I calculated that my research time could’ve been cut by 66 percent, if only I had a service like at the time.

The story goes back to 2008 when I was in the process of relocating to a large city I knew nothing about. I spent countless hours researching the city’s demographic and crime rates, reading reviews, and more. I also spent a lot of money and time making trips just to make sure I was moving into the right neighborhood.

I didn’t want to have sleepless nights fearing for my safety or auto theft or encountering danger just by walking outside. Even after extensive research and in the thick of the actual move, I still had doubts and was unsure I was making the right decision! I kept asking myself, “There has to be a better way of doing this. How do people who relocate normally do it?”

Here’s the answer. When someone moves to an area and has a friend, family member or access to someone who already lives there, it becomes a lot easier. At that point the idea was born, but today’s technology wasn’t around. Now we have live streaming platforms like Periscope where anyone with a smartphone can provide a real-time … view of virtually any place.

My idea can finally be brought to life.

Small Business Trends: Who are some people you enjoy interacting with on Periscope?

Ray Garcia: Many, but I tend to interact and watch people who align with my same beliefs. Kim Garst always has solid and genuine advice. I like her willingness to help others. Dr. Tabasum Mir is another great personality on Periscope I enjoy interacting with. Like Kim, Dr. Mir is another strong woman, willing to help others and speaks with honesty.

Chris Ducker is also one of my favorites. He’s very knowledgeable and generous with straightforward advice and tips for entrepreneurs. Saba Sedighi is another smart and business savvy Periscoper. She only comes onto Periscope when she has something interesting to say.

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