30 Thanksgiving Crafts to Sell

thanksgiving crafts

As Thanksgiving comes closer, it’s a start of a season where hand-crafted items are always appreciated. With more and more people hosting and attending elaborate Thanksgiving parties and family celebrations, beautifully crafted items make the perfect presents and decor. So if you’re looking to expand your customer base and sell more, creating Thanksgiving-themed crafts is a perfect way to grow your business.

For this post, we’ll look at why Thanksgiving is the perfect time to undertake craft projects and some inspiration to create your own Thanksgiving crafts to sell.

Why Thanksgiving is the Perfect Time to Sell Crafts

thanksgiving crafts

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays to expand a craft business. And if you are wondering where to sell crafts online, creating an Etsy store is one of the many options available to you. By crafting unique themed items for the holiday, sellers can make a lot of money while providing customers with something different. In addition, seasonal crafts are always a surefire way to increase earnings and relevancy for small businesses.

As people spend more money on buying items for Thanksgiving, crafting more themed objects can help bolster revenue and attract new customers.

Five Key Points for Thanksgiving Craft Business Success:

  • Unique Themed Crafts: Crafting items that resonate with the Thanksgiving spirit can set sellers apart. By offering exclusive designs or personalizable options, businesses can cater to the desire for special festive items.
  • Etsy Store as a Selling Platform: Etsy, known for its vast craft-centered marketplace, is ideal for reaching a broad audience. Its user-friendly interface and global reach make it a top choice for sellers.
  • Seasonal Surge in Sales: The holiday season, particularly the lead up to Thanksgiving, witnesses heightened consumer spending. Timely introduction of Thanksgiving crafts can help sellers tap into this surge.
  • Brand Relevancy: Regularly updating product offerings, especially with seasonal items, keeps a brand relevant and fresh in the eyes of consumers. It also positions the business as being in tune with festive trends and customer needs.
  • Customer Retention and Expansion: Unique, quality crafts not only attract new customers but also ensure repeat business. A satisfied customer from one season is likely to return the next, expanding the business’s loyal customer base.

30 Stunning Thanksgiving Craft Ideas to Sell in 2023

So how do you capitalize on the market and craft the best seasonal objects with things to make and sell for profit this holiday? We’ll look at some of the best Thanksgiving craft ideas you can sell in 2023, why they will attract customers and tips on getting started with your new craft ideas.

thanksgiving crafts

1. A Thankful Tree Centerpiece

Centerpieces and dinner table decor are always a safe bet for seasonal items, particularly ones like Thanksgiving since there are so many family gatherings.

You can create a thankful tree centerpiece with unique materials and items, and encourage family members to write what they are thankful for as a way to celebrate the holiday and spread gratitude.

2. Unique Thanksgiving Candles

Candles are another beautiful table decor idea and what customers are usually looking for this time of year. You can create fall-inspired and Thanksgiving-themed candles in fun shapes such as leaves and turkeys for unique and eye-catching designs that customers and guests will love.

3. Impressively Decorated Pine Cones

Pine cones are a quintessential fall item that goes well with Thanksgiving decor. You can use materials such as glitter and paint to create gorgeous pine cones in different colors and sizes. Get creative and think of earthy fall tones and add some sparkle for impressive pine cones that guests will love.

4. Personalized Thanksgiving T-Shirts for all the Family

Thanksgiving is an occasion for families to get together for dinner, and what better way to celebrate that than with personalized t-shirts? You can create fun slogans for Thanksgiving for the family, or offer to do more personalized or custom messages to help families create keepsake items they will treasure.

5. Handmade Seasonal Candles

Seasonal candles are another item to celebrate the occasion and can make for a great DIY project that you can sell. You can find materials from a craft store to create seasonal candles in different shapes and blend essential oils together to create unique, fall-inspired scents for an extra touch.

6. Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

A greeting card is always a nice addition to gifts and makes for a great seasonal item to sell. You can create blank greeting cards with Thanksgiving-themed art and have some messages on them around being thankful to appeal to a wider customer base. Creating personalized Thanksgiving messages for businesses is also another great idea.

7. Handcrafted Thanksgiving Games for Children

Keeping kids entertained during dinner is a tough task, so it’s likely that many customers are going to be looking for games and activities they can use. You can create fun thanksgiving crafts for kids, including creative games and DIY kits that families and kids can enjoy together.

8. Novelty Decorations

Who doesn’t love fun decor for the holidays, and Thanksgiving is no different. You can make novelty decorations from various materials. You can also look into creating laser-cut decorations with turkeys, leaves, and other Thanksgiving elements that customers can use for their homes.

9. Activity Boxes for Kids and Toddlers

Activity boxes are another great form of entertainment for young ones, from toddlers to older children. You can include materials for kids’ crafts projects, such as the templates for kids to draw crayon turkeys. The activity boxes can also include other materials such as pipe cleaners, construction paper and more to encourage kids to get creative!

10. DIY Pumpkin Pie Decoration Sets

Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving tradition and another opportunity for some creative fun. You can create pre-packaged pumpkin decoration sets using fun toppings and add-ons to create a dinner-ready dessert that serves as a fun group activity too.

11. A Turkey Windsock

A turkey windsock is an adorable and fun kids’ craft idea that can be a cute way to decorate the home. To create a windsock, you’ll need some basic materials such as a food can, ribbon, glue, and other crafty materials such as googly eyes to get started.

12. Thanksgiving-themed Wreaths

Wreaths are another popular decor item that customers tend to gravitate towards for parties and dinners. There is a lot of opportunity to play with different themes such as fall leaves, branches, cones, and other pieces from nature to create gorgeous and intricate wreaths.

14. Turkey Lanterns

If you’re looking for an eye-catching idea for customer home decor, a turkey lantern might just be the best choice. It’s fun and creative and also allows for some playfulness. Using mason jars, you can stick turkeys made from paper and other fall-themed items on the outside of the jar, and place fairy lights inside the jar to create a beautiful effect.

15. Thanksgiving Stickers

Stickers are always a surefire hit with kids and one of the easiest crafts to get started with. You can design Thanksgiving-inspired stickers with turkeys, food items, autumn leaves, and more with which kids can play and decorate their craft projects.

16. Coloring Pages

Coloring has become a fun activity for families, with both adults and kids joining in on the fun. You can create unique motifs and designs around Thanksgiving that can be colored in and create DIY kits with coloring pencils and crayons for an added touch.

17. Corn Art

Corn art is a very seasonal type of craft that does very well with customers for Thanksgiving. You can use dried popcorn kernels to create corn art and mosaic-style patterns for a truly unique craft project that customers will love.

18. Thanksgiving Inspired Needlework

Needlework such as crochet, embroidery, sewing, macrame, and more can be used to create Thanksgiving crafts if you are still in search of an idea. You can create abstract work using fall colors or create realistic needlework artwork and patterns around Thanksgiving, such as slogans and drawings for a truly handcrafted product that people will really value.

19. Cookie Cutters

Holidays are all about desserts, and Thanksgiving is no different. Cookie cutters are always a popular item, particularly if the shapes are holiday-specific. You can use tin can strips, aluminum foil, and oven liners to create shapes like turkeys and leaves to help customers add a creative touch to their desserts!

20. Thanksgiving Placemats

thanksgiving crafts

People love setting a theme-appropriate table for the holiday. Crafted placemats with Thanksgiving designs, whether it’s pumpkins, cornucopias, or festive sayings, will be a hit. They can be made using various materials, from cotton to burlap, and can feature printed designs or even hand-embroidery.

21. Festive Napkin Rings

thanksgiving crafts

Napkin rings are often an overlooked table decor, but they can add a significant touch to a well-set dinner table. Design them with small, crafted turkeys, pumpkins, or even small bunches of faux fall foliage for an elegant touch.

22. Thanksgiving Charms and Jewelry

Handmade jewelry pieces, like earrings and pendants shaped like pumpkins, leaves, or mini cornucopias, can be a unique gift or accessory for the holiday. They can be made from polymer clay, metal, or even beaded.

23. Recipe Cards

Design and sell beautiful Thanksgiving-themed recipe cards. These can be laminated or printed on heavy-duty cardstock, ensuring they last for many seasons to come. Buyers can jot down their favorite holiday recipes and even share them with loved ones.

24. Thanksgiving Magnets

Magnets are always popular as they can be placed on fridges or other metallic surfaces as decor or to hold up important holiday reminders. Crafted turkeys, pumpkins, or sayings about gratitude can be both decorative and functional.

25. Holiday Coasters

Coasters serve a dual purpose: they protect furniture and add to the festive vibe. Wooden coasters can be laser-engraved with designs, or you can use ceramic tiles and paint them with Thanksgiving motifs, ensuring they’re sealed and waterproofed afterward.

26. Fall-inspired Potpourri Packs

Thanksgiving and fall scents are always inviting. Create potpourri packs with dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and other fall-inspired elements. They not only smell amazing but also make for lovely, decorative accents.

27. Hand-painted Thanksgiving Plates

If you’re skilled in ceramics or painting, craft special Thanksgiving plates, perhaps with spaces or labels for all the classic dishes. These can serve as both functional dinnerware and decorative keepsakes.

28. Gobble Bands for Kids

Kids love playful accessories. Create “Gobble Bands” – festive wristbands or headbands adorned with crafted turkey feathers or other Thanksgiving motifs.

29. Pumpkin Spice Soap Bars

thanksgiving crafts

The pumpkin spice craze doesn’t just limit itself to lattes. Create handmade pumpkin spice scented soap bars, using natural ingredients, and mold them in the shape of turkeys, leaves, or pumpkins.

30. Thanksgiving Aprons

Cooking the Thanksgiving meal is a big task, and what better way to stay clean than with a festive apron? Handmade aprons with printed turkeys, pies, or simply fall colors can be both a fun and functional gift.

Thanksgiving Crafts to Sell Summary

Craft IdeaSummary
Thankful Tree CenterpieceCenterpieces using unique materials. Guests write what they're thankful for.
Unique Thanksgiving CandlesFall-inspired and Thanksgiving-themed candles shaped like leaves and turkeys.
Impressively Decorated Pine ConesDecorative pine cones using glitter and paint.
Personalized Thanksgiving T-ShirtsCustomized slogans or messages for family members.
Handmade Seasonal CandlesDIY candles in different shapes with unique, fall-inspired scents.
Thanksgiving Greeting CardsBlank cards with Thanksgiving-themed art or personalized business messages.
Handcrafted Thanksgiving Games for ChildrenFun craft games and DIY kits for kids.
Novelty DecorationsDecorations made from various materials, including laser-cut decorations.
Activity Boxes for Kids and ToddlersBoxes including materials for crafts projects like crayon turkey templates.
DIY Pumpkin Pie Decoration SetsPre-packaged sets with toppings and add-ons for pumpkin pies.
Turkey WindsockA decorative windsock made from basic materials like food cans and ribbons.
Thanksgiving-themed WreathsDecorative wreaths using elements like fall leaves, branches, and cones.
Turkey LanternsDecorative lanterns using mason jars and paper turkeys illuminated with fairy lights.
Thanksgiving StickersStickers with themes of turkeys, food items, and autumn leaves.
Coloring PagesThanksgiving-themed coloring motifs and designs.
Corn ArtArt made using dried popcorn kernels in mosaic-style patterns.
Thanksgiving Inspired NeedleworkArtwork using methods like crochet, embroidery, and macrame with Thanksgiving themes.
Cookie CuttersShapes specific to Thanksgiving, like turkeys and leaves, made from materials like tin cans.
Thanksgiving PlacematsTheme-appropriate table mats made of various materials with designs like pumpkins and festive sayings.
Festive Napkin RingsTable decor featuring crafted turkeys, pumpkins, or faux fall foliage.
Thanksgiving Charms and JewelryEarrings and pendants shaped like pumpkins, leaves, or mini cornucopias.
Recipe CardsLaminated or heavy-duty cardstock Thanksgiving-themed recipe cards.
Thanksgiving MagnetsDecorative magnets with designs like turkeys, pumpkins, or gratitude sayings.
Holiday CoastersProtective coasters made of wood or ceramic tiles with Thanksgiving designs.
Fall-inspired Potpourri PacksPacks with dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and other fall elements.
Hand-painted Thanksgiving PlatesSpecial plates with spaces or labels for Thanksgiving dishes.
Gobble Bands for KidsPlayful wristbands or headbands adorned with Thanksgiving motifs.
Pumpkin Spice Soap BarsHandmade soaps in the shape of turkeys, leaves, or pumpkins with a pumpkin spice scent.
Thanksgiving ApronsAprons with printed designs or fall colors to wear while cooking the Thanksgiving meal.

How do you make a thankful turkey craft?

Here are the steps to create the best thankful turkey craft you can sell:

  1. Use poster board to cut different parts of the turkey such as legs, arms, etc
  2. Decorate with materials such as googly eyes, buttons, yarn, and more to add a personal touch
  3. Cut feathers using cardstock (anywhere between 13-15), and you can add some extras for bigger dinners and family parties
  4. Add a note encouraging customers to write what they are thankful for and pass feathers on to their guests to add to their thankful turkey.

How do you make corn art?

If you are would like to learn how to create corn art such as corn on the cob crafts you can sell around Thanksgiving, here is what you need:

  1. Gather materials such as a plate, corn, and some paint such as acrylic
  2. Choose your surface for painting, such as cardstock paper, muslin, or other
  3. Take the husk off the corn and paint the ear of the corn with colors of your choosing
  4. Roll the painted ear of the corn onto your chosen surface to create patterns and shapes.

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