Thanksgiving Small Business Roundup Shows Holiday SMB Plans

It’s that time of the year. As we gather with friends and family to give thanks, here is a special Thanksgiving roundup for our small business community. Hope you have had and will continue to have lots to be thankful for with your small business this year.

News & Trends

Small businesses hope for holiday spending. Of course, the Friday after Thanksgiving has traditionally been designated Black Friday, widely known as the busiest shopping day of the year, but small businesses and others are hoping to extend that business over several days. Hickory Daily Record

This Saturday important for small business. While Black Friday may be important to big retailers (and perhaps a few small businesses mixed in as well) this Saturday is specifically for SMBs and many are hoping it will lead to great bottom lines.

Marketing Thoughts

Large retailers may be open on Thanksgiving Day. However, many small businesses have decided to take the holiday off. One concern is that the extra day added by some could wind up simply stretching our revenue over several days not spending.

How is selling your small business like Thanksgiving dinner? Whether you’re seeking a buyer for your SMB or enjoying a day of thanks with your family, the same rules apply. Here are some simple rulres to guide you whether you are attending a family get together or negotiating the sale of your business. You’re the Boss

Holiday Ideas

The Holiday season can be a great time for revenue. Here are some tips to make the most of the potential for Holiday sales with your small business. What ideas can you share about boosting your small business revenue during Thanksgiving and the big retail days that follow? Please comment below. Online PR Media

Does your business give gifts for the Holidays? Then have we got a link for you. Here, just in time for the season and one of the biggest weekends for Holiday shopping, is our own Small Business Trends “Guide to Holiday Gift Giving.” Small Business Trends

Giving Thanks

Some thoughts on being thankful, small business style. The first of some posts we’ve found around the Net specially aimed at the season. If you operate a successful small business, we hope you feel thankful today and that you will help us share. Word Chef

What small businesses are you thankful for? Here’s a post that looks at things a bit differently. As we prepare for a Saturday specifically dedicated to small businesses, the question becomes, what small businesses do you think are worthy of support? Patch

Lessons Learned

Giving thanks with great customer service. Customer relationships are a two-way street; Our patrons purchase our products or services, but in return small business owners need to show their customers that they’re valued. See how even small gestures of customer appreciation matter, and how no budget is too small to let customers know they’re important. Napa Valley Register

Dinner party principles. The rules of etiquette for doing business are just the same as those for gathering with family for a fine meal like the one you’re having this Thanksgiving…common courtesy, graciousness, and integrity in everything you do. See how these five fantastic rules of dining do double duty as small business best behavior. Your Office Anywhere

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