Read The Athena Doctrine to Prepare Yourself for What’s Coming

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athena doctrineWhenever I’m in a room of business women, somehow the conversations always turns to women ruling the world.

We seriously talk about how a women’s business and management style might impact the course of world events.  At some point the conversations wanes and we all stop talking about it or just laugh it off as if something like that might not ever happen and if it does – we won’t be around to see it.

But it looks like we may have been wrong.  I received an advance copy of a very interesting book about a month ago called The Athena Doctrine: How Women (and the Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future by John Gerzema (@johngerzema) and Michael D’Antonio.

This is one of those books where a couple of skilled researchers and writers get together, do a HUGE research project and then write a book about the results.  Personally, I love these kinds of books.  Maybe it’s because I have a research background, but hate reading dry reports or maybe, in this case, I can actually start visualizing myself ruling the world.

In either case, I think BOTH men and women will enjoy reading this book and seeing how our worldwide culture is shifting into a new set of valued characteristics and behaviors.

But First… The Numbers

The book begins with a summary of some numbers.  I’m going to share these with you because as soon as you see them – you’ll want to see and understand more of what’s behind them.

A little bit about the numbers and where they come from, just so you don’t think this is a skewed or small population – 64,000 people (men and women) were surveyed across thirteen nations.  What’s interesting is that the authors have included a variety of cultures; Western, Eastern, Middle Eastern – and several in between to get to these numbers:

  • 86% agree that there is too much power in the hands of large institutions and corporations.
  • 76% disagree that their country cares about it citizens more than it used to.
  • 74% disagree that the world is becoming more fair.
  • 51% disagree that life will be better for their children.

These are just the big numbers. What gets really interesting is when you see that it isn’t just women answering – it’s men.  And overall, the trend is consistent worldwide.

A Change is Coming

The authors agree that a shift is certainly underway across the world toward characteristics that have traditionally (and this is a key word) been perceived as feminine.  That’s not to say that men don’t have these characteristics – it’s to say that humans perceive these characteristics as being feminine.

The study also showed that those organizations and countries who espouse these characteristics have been more “successful” more “happy.”

Who Are These Brave Authors?

I say that these authors are brave slightly tongue-in-cheek. All they did was do a survey and report the results.  But part of me thinks that if this book got any wide acclaim – that it might start a worldwide riot – if not a few heated debates among spouses and co-workers.

John Gerzema is a pioneer in using data to identify social change and help companies adapt to new demands.  You’ve seen his work before; namely the books The Brand Bubble and Spend Shift.  Michael D’Antonio is the Pulitzer Prize winning author and co-author of Spend Shift.

As you can see, they’ve written several books that describe shifts and changes in our culture that could make an impact on how we do business.

Is This a Book Worth Reading?  Are You Kidding?

I suppose you can say that if I took the time to read and tell you about this book – OF COURSE – it’s worth reading.

More than that,  I think The Athena Doctrine contains relevant, important research data that all of us will have to incorporate into our future strategic planning and especially our future hiring decisions.  This book will tell you what attributes to look for as you start building a team and what traits your customers will value most.

Read The Athena Doctrine to prepare yourself for what’s to come in business.

The Athena Doctrine Photo via Amazon

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