How “The Audience Revolution” Can Help You Radically Increase Sales


The Audience Revolution is a book that shows entrepreneurs how to grow their business by focusing on their audience. The book educates the reader on the importance of building a viable audience that will tell the entrepreneur what products and services they should offer.

The Audience Revolution

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Are you satisfied with the rate at which your business is growing? If you’re a fledgling entrepreneur, the answer is probably no. It can be frustrating. You’re trying desperately to build your business and land more clients, but you’re having trouble driving sales. You may have spent months, even years, building a product or service that isn’t selling.

Perhaps you’re an author with a book to sell. Or a speaker with a compelling message that people should hear. You might offer services that bring tangible benefits to your prospects. Maybe you have an awesome product that people need to buy now.

Fortunately, there is an approach that can help you drive the sales you desire by focusing on your audience.

Danny Iny, the founder of Firepole Marketing, has written a book that will make it easier for you to understand how to grow your business by serving your audience. It’s called The Audience Revolution: The Smarter Way to Build a Business, Make a Difference and Change the World.

As an aspiring entrepreneur myself, I have dealt with the frustration of trying to figure out ways to get people to my website that actually want to buy my services. It can be pretty frustrating. This book will give you some actionable steps that can help you build an audience that tells you what type of product or service they are looking for.

Here’s how:

The “Product First” Philosophy

One of the main things Danny Iny does in The Audience Revolution is debunking the all-too-common “product first” mentality that many entrepreneurs adopt.

When entrepreneurs have the “product first” mentality, they create their product or service, then assume that their audience will want it. They build their product thinking that they already know what their audience needs and wants.

This may have worked in the past, but Iny puts forth the idea that this approach is no longer effective. The Audience Revolution suggests that entrepreneurs begin consulting with their audience before launching their next offering. If you’re an entrepreneur who is serious about building a successful enterprise, you need to figure out what your audience wants before creating the product or service you intend to sell.

It makes sense. After all, who knows what your audience wants better than the people that make up your audience?

Is it possible to design a product or service that your audience doesn’t know it wants? Sure it is. Steve Jobs did it with the iPod and other products. But this isn’t common, and as entrepreneurs, we shouldn’t assume that we always know best.

This is why it’s better to ask your audience what they want, then build a product or service that addresses their need.

Find Your Niche

If you were given one full year to study one subject, and one subject only, without having to worry about finances, what would this subject be? The answer to this question can help you discover the niche you should be marketing to.

One of the major themes in The Audience Revolution is the idea that entrepreneurs should find their niche. As a matter of fact, Iny offers some actionable advice to those who have not yet discovered who their ideal audience is. Here’s a hint: it involves discovering ways your passion and expertise can work together to help others.

If you’re building a business, this is essential. If you haven’t yet figured out who your ideal customers are, you’re shooting in the dark. Without a clear picture of the audience you want to reach, you will not be able to market your business effectively.

Find Out What They Want

After figuring out who your audience is, you need to find out what they want. What is it that keeps them up at night? What are their pain points?

When you can answer these questions, it will enable you to create products and services that address their most pressing needs. If you do this, your audience will be more willing to spend their money with your company.

There are several ways to find out what your audience wants and needs. You could simply ask them in a blog post or email newsletter. If you don’t have much of an audience yet, but you know who you want to market to, there are other ways to ask them. One of the tools I use is Quora.

Serve Your Audience

In The Audience Revolution, Iny points out the fact that attracting customers means finding a way to serve them. This is one of the points Iny makes that resonates most with me. One of my core beliefs is that, as an entrepreneur, one of the best ways to gain more influence is to provide more value.

It’s one of the main reasons I chose content marketing as my profession.

If you provide offerings that actually give a tangible benefit to your audience, you will increase the chances that they will like and trust you. Anyone who is in the business of moving others knows that people are willing to be influenced by those they like and trust.

The more value you provide, the more influence you will build over time. To do this well, you need to genuinely care about the people who are reading your content. You should have a real desire to see them succeed.

The great thing about this is that the benefit that you offer don’t have to be life changing. It can be blog postings that help answer burning questions that your prospects have. It could be a short eBook that shows them how to solve a problem. It could be an article on your website that gives them information they didn’t have previously.

Providing value is the best way to increase your influence. Finding ways to benefit your audience will only make it easier to get them to buy from you.


Danny Iny’s The Audience Revolution is a great book for any entrepreneur who wishes to see his or her business grow. The approach Iny outlines in his book is the same process that took him from $250,000 in debt to building a profitable business that is poised to bring in $3 million a year.

It can be done. If you’re willing to put the work into building your audience and truly serving their needs, they will tell you what they want, and what products they are willing to pay for.

How will you use your audience to revolutionize your business?

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