The Best Freelance Side Gigs for Professionals

freelance gigs for professionals

Since the start of the pandemic, some freelancers have lost significant amounts of work.

And small businesses that were forced closed may be struggling to get back on their feet.

For each, finding a side gig in another field or hiring a freelancer may be the way to slowly rebuild a business.

To help workers, business owners and freelancers that may find themselves out of work or struggling with cash flow, FlexJobs, a leading portal for flexible jobs openings, has identified the best 25 freelance side jobs for working professionals.

FlexJobs Report – The 25 Best Freelance Jobs for Working Professionals

Sarah Sutton, CEO and Founder of FlexJobs, says, “When the market is uncertain or struggling, companies often turn to freelancers as a more economical solution to build up their staff, especially when it’s not financially possible for them to take on regular employees.

“If the past is any indicator, it is likely that a healthy amount of freelance jobs will continue to be available across industries and career levels, despite the economic downturn,” Sutton continued.

Check out the following 25 freelance side jobs that can help small business owners, freelancers and anyone out of work to boost their income.


Organizing businesses’ financial transactions, bookkeepers are always in demand. This sought-after profession can be carried out remotely so social distancing requirements are met.

Career Coach

The disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to people questioning their careers and thinking about embarking on new ones. Hence career coaches, which help people identify and achieve their career goals, could be in hot demand.

Curriculum Writer

With more and more teaching being carried out online, there is a growing demand for quality educational resources. Curriculum writers that develop educational resources could be a lucrative side gig to get into.


With many businesses having to re-evaluate strategies, consultants that provide advice on performance and efficiency could be widely required, making this vocation a rewarding side job.

Copy Editor

If you’re a whiz with words and grammar, becoming a copy editor that checks and edits diverse types of content, could see you in high demand.

Customer Service Representative

With more and more businesses outsourcing operations to save money in the current climate, offering customer service representative services could be a great way to earn an additional income.


The current climate of uncertainty has created a demand for quality news and information. Being an editor that reviews and prepares copy for both online and print publications could be a rewarding way to make money.

Executive Assistant

An executive assistant provides admin support to managers, such as preparing reports and managing calendars. With more and more businesses having to make cuts to budget and outsource admin tasks, offering such services could mean you are in high demand.

Graphic Designer

To remain competitive during the uncertain climate, businesses may require compelling and creative graphic branding. Hence, providing professional graphic designer services could be a lucrative side job to embark on.

Health Coach

The health crisis has made everyone re-evaluate their lifestyles. Becoming a health coach that offers advice and support on health and wellness changes, could be a sensible move given the current climate.


Another key side job identified by FlexJobs is being an interpreter. Translating documents and verbal messages can be carried out remotely and conveniently online.

Lead Generation

With businesses grappling for innovative ways to create leads, offering lead generation services could be a wise side-line to get into.

Medical Coder

For health insurance companies looking for ways to make medical billing more efficient, they may require the services of a medical coder. If you can assist with accurate and fast coding of data, this could be the side job for you.

Online ESL Teacher

If you’ve got great writing skills and you’re looking for a side job, why not become an online ESL teacher? During the present climate, assisting non-native English speakers to understand and write English online, could be a lucrative business to get into.


If you’re looking for a creative side-line to make some additional money, then why not put your photographic skills to the test and start selling photos?

Project Manager

Having to make vital budget cuts, companies may seek outside help to project manage projects. If you’ve got great management skills, you might want to start offering project management services.


No business wants to send typo-cluttered content out? Help businesses overcome the embarrassment being associated with copy littered with mistakes by offering proof-reading services.

Quantitative Market Researcher

If you enjoy researching market trends and collating data, why not become a quantitative market researcher?


For many businesses, finding time to identify and recruit suitable candidates can be challenging. This is where professionals that offer recruitment services could prove invaluable.

Resume Writer

With people applying for jobs up and down the country, there is high demand for well-written resumes. Offering resume writing services could see you in high demand, especially given the current rush for jobs.

Social Media Manager

During lockdown and as lockdown restrictions are lifted, social media has proved an invaluable way for businesses to communicate with the outside world. Capitalize on the current demand for companies to use social media to develop brand awareness by becoming a social media professional.


If you’re a speedy typist, why not offer transcriber services to type written records and review drafts?


With schools being closed for so long, remote tutors are in high demand to help students study more proficiently and prepare for exams.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants assist businesses with a host of important admin tasks. These in-demand professionals help companies with daily tasks like responding to emails and phone calls from remote locations.


The request for quality written content is more important now than it’s ever been, meaning those who can write compelling, quality content are in high demand. Offering writing services could be a profitable way to boost your income during these uncertain times.



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