The Best Small Business Takeaways

The best small business takeways and more are part of today’s small business news roundup as we head out of the Black Friday shopping weekend and toward the Christmas Holiday season. What are your plans for your small business and which business tips will help you most?

Tips & Trends

It’s never too early to reflect and reality check. As we approach the thick of the holiday season, it’s time to rehash what you’ve learned from past business mistakes, recollect and glory in this year’s successes, and take stock of your good fortune. What breakthrough moments led to your greatest successes in business this year? Strategies & Tactics for Women

Audiophile entrepreneur searches for sound of music. Can you imagine an application that can understand the language of sound? Read about how MediaMined, the new software from startup Imagine Research enables you to search, classify, and retrieve all types of audio files, and find out how electrical engineer, entrepreneur, and musician Jay LeBoeuf found the funding for his dream. Bloomberg Businessweek

Social Media

Taking social media marketing from miniscule to magnificent! We’ve all been there before–starting out in the social media milieu with little or no experience. See how one wedding photographer and amateur online marketer conducted her “Big, Fat Social Media Experiment” and upped her learning curve at the same time.

Location, location, location. You’ve heard it before with respect to real estate, but the location of your marketing message is just as important. Find out why LinkedIn differs from Facebook for business intelligence and why you should position your posts in a prime business location and not on the social media playground. Capture Commerce

Tech & Technique

A good rule of thumb…nail. A picture really is worth a thousand words of marketing when you’re trying to get retailers to carry your products. It’s easy to ignore an e-mail full of typeface, but including thumbnails of your products can provide just the right teaser to entice retailers looking for new product lines. CreateHype

There’s no accounting for taste or success…or is there? Your small business is doing rather well, but do you know why it is, and can you track what’s working and what’s not? A great way to build on your success is by using an accountability report to measure your marketing moves, to help you tighten your focus on what works, and to stop you from throwing money at pricey procedures and costly tactics that just don’t bring in the bucks. Dirty Marketing Secrets

Customer Service & Strategy

How to make customers fall in love. It’s something we all hope for in our businesses, customers who not only want or need our service, but truly love our business/brand too. But how do you take your business to the next level with customers? Here are some tips for building that relationship. Marketing Matters

What’s your competitive advantage? There may be much more involved in answering this seemingly simple question about your small business than you might at first think. Looking at the “Competitive Advantage Spectrum” will help you see your business in a whole new way and you may be surprised by some of what you find. ShyEntrepreneur

Management & Marketing

Are your employees leading the way? If not, what’s the problem? You say you don’t need your employees to be leaders because you’re the boss? Here’s a post that may make you think about things a bit differently. And it will show you not only the why but the how when it comes to transforming your employees. Expert Business Advice

Don’t delay your marketing success. Marketing, like many other things in life, is about taking the proper actions at the proper times to find success. So what happens if you suffer from procrastination when it comes to accomplishing your small business goals? M4B Marketing

Joshua Sophy Joshua Sophy is the Editor for Small Business Trends and has been a member of the team for 16 years. A professional journalist with 20 years of experience in traditional media and online media, he attended Waynesburg University and is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. He has held roles of reporter, editor and publisher, having founded his own local newspaper, the Pottsville Free Press.