This Laptop Riser Has a Whiteboard Built In

This Laptop Riser Has a Whiteboard Built In

With the work from home era showing no sign of abating, there is a growing demand for workspaces that nurture proficiency and productivity. As a result, more and more products are coming onto the market aimed at streamlining modern workplaces.

One such product is known as The Lift. Developed by FluidStance, designers of health-promoting balance boards and standing desk accessories, The Lift is a desktop hardware accessory. The product is designed to elevate a workspace while reducing paper waste and modernizing desk setups.

The Lift – A Laptop Riser with Whiteboard

Since the pandemic struck in early 2020, the number of employees working from home has been rapidly increasing. While remote working has many benefits, it also presents a number of challenges. The physical health of remote workers is one of them. Being confined to often cramped, ‘unprofessional’ workspaces, it is important workers have the right set-up at home to nurture a healthy working environment.

Being subjected to back or neck pain, or other injuries caused by sitting at inadequate desks all day, can take its toll on both physical and mental health. This can subsequently create downtime among workers and a reduction in productivity, which can come at the peril of a business.

Having products designed to nurture the likes of good posture when working from home can be beneficial, not only to employees working remotely, but ultimately for businesses as well.

Enter The Lift, a two-in-one desktop whiteboard and laptop, featuring dry erase space for brainstorming and jotting down notes.

Joel Heath, CEO and Founder of FluidStance, spoke of what compelled the company to create The Lift.

“We wanted to start the year off strong with the creation of an innovative product that tackled the needs of our customers as they settle into their new remote and modified work environments for the long run,” said Heath.

Decluttering Home Offices

Having a clutter-free and organized home office environment is conducive with heightened productivity, not to mention improved mental wellbeing. The Lift is aimed at helping professionals working from home de-clutter their workspace. By addressing the issue of paper waste, the product is also an environmentally conscious office accessory. By implementing The Lift into a workspace, businesses can have peace of mind they are ‘doing their bit’ for the environment.

Boasting a sleek and stylish design, FluidStance’s The Lift will make a stylish additional to any desk set-up. It will also go a long way in making a homeworking space look significantly more professional.

Image: fluidstance

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