The New Small Business

Marketing Plan Example - A One Page Marketing Plan Anyone Can Use

This isn’t your father’s small business. The small business world has changed a lot in the last few years and small business folks must change with it. Blogging, social entrepreneurship, running many businesses almost exclusively from home: the new small business may seem a bit overwhelming but it offers many opportunities too. Here are some posts to get you started.

Business Blogging

My blog is also paying my bills. To have a successful blog, you must have a subject that you can not stop talking about and one that you will never get tired of. If you are going to make money at blogging, you must offer quality content that is both authentic and useful. NY Times

Getting the most from your business blog. Whether your blog is making money on its own as a business or is basically a marketing, PR or networking tool for your business, the fact remains that, if you operate a blog for your business at all, it should certainly not be an after thought. Here are some ways to make sure you are always getting value out of your blog. Youngentrepreneur


Some ways to get started as a social entrepreneur. Is this the time to begin a social venture? Actually there appears to be more interest in doing the right thing in terms of a social mission. However, there are pitfalls. Combining mission and making money in the same business can be very difficult. The small business owner must believe and convince others that the social mission is as least as important as the idea of making money and he must operate his business in that manner. NY Times

5 keys to business happiness. A great difference separates success and happiness. Success occurs when your business is profitable and it is fulfilling the goals that you had or have for that particular endeavor. Happiness, on the other hand, is feeling good about what you are doing and the satisfaction it brings both to you and others. Thoughts are presented that may make you sit back and reevaluate just where you are.


Cut through the hype: how to create a successful marketing plan. There are so many new tools and information available to the small business marketer. How do you decide which will work for your small business? Failure to make the right decisions will result in lost traffic, lost leads, and lost customers. First you must decide what are the goals of your small business. Then you must work out the details of the steps of the plan. Following these steps as they apply to your small business will result in a good marketing strategy. Small Business Trends

Five ways to give your seasonal business an off-seasonal boost. Creative thinking is needed to maintain a flow of money into your business when your prime season is past. You need not to think of your small business as being seasonal. Your customers have needs throughout the year. Find those needs and change so that you can fulfill those needs. Five ideas to help you get started are presented. Entrepreneur

Home Business

Running a successful family business from home. Running a home-based business can be very difficult with the working member of the family trying to maintain some type of boundary between work and family. Similarly, running a small family business together can tear a family apart. Trying to do both together could cause a combination of unfavorable consequences. However, it can and is being done successfully. The solution appears to be in setting rules and boundaries and respecting each other’s place in the business and in the family. Entrepreneur

Seven ways solopreneurs can grow a home business. You’ve decided that you want to be the sole owner of a home-based business. Does that mean that your business can’t grow beyond what you can do yourself? No! There are many things that you can do to expand your business without adding employees or renting office space. Proper use of the right technology along with outsourcing are only two of many ways to grow your business. Stick to your business plan and meet your clients face-to-face will help assure your success. Entrepreneur

Tips & Tricks

Stupid startup pitfalls to avoid. How do you have a successful small business startup that lasts? After all, more than half of small business startups fail in the first five years. While you need a business plan and you need what it takes to make this endeavor work, most importantly you first need a quality product or service that fulfills a need. After that, there are a number of pitfalls to avoid to insure your small business success. Business Week Daily

SEO: search engine optimization for your company’s Web site. The most cost effective way to develop a prominent position on the web is through Search Engine Optimization. It is estimated that 80% of all visitors to a site get there by way of a search engine. Search engines and Internet marketing are what bring visitors to your web site. Choosing your key words and generating good content are what makes for success. Business News Daily

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