The Rise of Fractional Work and its Benefits to Small Businesses

Fractional workers who offer their expertise to an organization on a part-time or short-term basis are becoming an increasingly popular component of a constantly evolving hiring landscape. As Forbes reports, on LinkedIn alone, there are more than 110,000 users who self-identify as ‘fractional’ leaders.

From an employee perspective, this type of self-employment is beneficial in that it enables people to choose who they work for, enjoy more freedom and flexibility, have a greater work/life balance, and have a more diversified career portfolio.

This growing business model is not confined to larger enterprises. On the contrary, it can empower small businesses to compete more effectively and thrive.

The Benefits of Fractional Work to Small Businesses

Data published on LinkedIn shows that in August 2023, a staggering 32% of small business owners were redirecting their recruitment efforts towards part-time and contractual employees. The unprecedented surge in taking on fractional workers caters for the more nimble solutions that the current landscape of economic uncertainties and inflation concerns demand.

Strategic Edge

In taking on fractional workers who are experts in their fields, typically marketing, IT, finance or human resources, small businesses can benefit from having a strategic edge. By tapping into expertise in a specific area of the business immediately, a small business can swiftly adapt to changes, which could be invaluable in helping them compete with larger rivals.

Fractional workers who are experts in a certain field can also be used to train in-house staff in certain key areas. These employees might be full-time employees or contractors, but in learning the skills of the fractional leader, the training is likely to harness growth opportunities.

Cost-Effective Hiring

One of the biggest benefits of taking on fractional leaders is the cost. Hiring a full-time executive will cost a company dearly, and is out of reach for many cash-strapped small businesses. A part-time fractional contractor can come at a more realistic price, giving small businesses the benefits of an experienced executive without the traditional price-tag.

By adopting this fast-growing hiring trend, small businesses are better equipped to navigate uncertainties and compete with larger competitors, which can ultimately lead to growth.

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Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead Gabrielle Pickard-Whitehead is a staff writer for Small Business Trends based in the United Kingdom. Since 2006, Gabrielle has been writing articles, blogs and news pieces for a diverse range of publications and sites. You can read "Gabrielle’s blog here.".

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  1. I’ve found loads of success being a “fractional PPC guy” for almost 10 years. This article nailed it on the head. You get expertise at an affordable rate and usually avoid the overhead of agencies.

  2. What an insightful post! Fractional work is undoubtedly reshaping the hiring landscape, providing both employees and employers with a myriad of benefits. The flexibility it offers allows individuals to curate their careers while enjoying a healthier work-life balance. Moreover, for small businesses, embracing fractional workers isn’t just a strategic move but a necessity in today’s dynamic market.

    The ability to tap into specialized expertise on a part-time basis grants small businesses a competitive edge previously reserved for larger enterprises. It’s not just about cost-effectiveness, although that’s certainly a significant advantage; it’s also about agility and adaptability in the face of ever-changing market conditions.

    By leveraging fractional workers, small businesses can swiftly adapt to challenges, innovate, and thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. This approach not only offers growth opportunities but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and development within the organization. Here’s to embracing the power of fractional work and propelling small businesses toward success in the digital age! 🚀

  3. Having a strategic edge is like holding the secret sauce to success! It’s all about having that extra advantage, whether it’s in business, sports, or life in general. With a strategic edge, we can outmaneuver challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and stay ahead of the curve. It’s inspiring to see how individuals and organizations leverage their strategic edge to carve out their path to greatness. Let’s continue to sharpen our strategic edge and unlock new levels of achievement!

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