The Time Suck of Social Media

Social media is a tremendous investment in time, but so critical to most small businesses today. There’s no question you need social media for your marketing, branding and PR efforts. But what is the best way to get the most out of social media for your venture?

Boosting Your Social IQ

The time suck of social media. We all know the value of social media for small business. This said, learning about social media has become a real time suck for many small business owners, especially the learning curve required to gain skill and a competitive advantage in this new field of marketing. Here are some tips to help. The Sales Lion

Creating engagement on your blog. Writing posts isn’t enough, of course. You’ll need to create engagement and community to make your small business stand out, attract fans and eventually customers. If you  had trouble building your blog in the past, see these suggestions for improvements. Small Business Trends

Thoughts On Social Media Marketing

Has social media helped your business? An online poll is collecting the answer one vote at a time from small business owners just like you. Have you shared your thoughts? Participate in this measure of small business owners’ experiences with social media success, then check the results. WSJ

Creating brand evangelism. Social media is about much more than “likes” and “clicks.” It’s about finding customers crazy for your brand who want to tell the world about you, your products and services. Here’s how to take your social media presence to a whole new level. Fast Company

Following the Pinterest Revolution

Pinterest: The next big thing? In case you’re wondering, the time has come! Time for all self-respecting social media gurus to fawn over the latest social media business tool you must be using. Forsake all others and follow! ReadWriteWeb

Social media hijinx. Not everyone goes crazy for the latest technological trend. This business blogger has even thought of a creative project that “pokes gentle fun” of a social media site he hasn’t yet found a use for. Want to join in? Darren Barefoot

Linking To A Brave New World

Not your average social media links. This collection of curated content comes to you from a top copywriter. We hope you find it useful, entertaining, inspiring, and unique. Now, those are great adjectives that should describe your content too, right? Copyblogger

How much are your followers really worth? As much as $42,500, or $2.50 a month for every follower in the case of one man’s Twitter account. Before you sell your social media following short, consider the dollar value some people put on this important fan base. CNN Tech

Tracking SEO and App Innovation

Don’t forget about SEO. If you think social media negates your need for good Search Engine Optimization strategy, think again. SEO is still very much alive and very important to your online business, even in the age of social networking. Brick Marketing Blog

Facebook apps for fan building. Creating fans on any social media platform remains essential for your small business, but here are some tips to help you improve communications with your fans on what may remain the most critical social network of them all. MyBeak Social Media

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