The Ultimate Small Business Twitter List

Ultimate Small Business List to Follow on TwitterTwitter, which allows you to broadcast text messages up to 140 characters in length, is fast becoming the place where a lot of information is being shared online.

I’m finding it to be an excellent source of information by, about and for small businesses.

So I set out to create a list of the people and organizations to consider following on Twitter if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of small businesses. In other words, who are the people on Twitter who regularly provide information by, about and for small businesses?

Sadly, I took on an impossible task. There are so many talented people to follow on Twitter who regularly address small business issues, that every time I look at this list I smack my forehead and say “oh, no, I have forgotten so-and-so!” Plus, I have received great suggestions along the way from Joel Libava, Denise O’Berry, Matt McGee and Jonathan Fields (thank you!).

Consequently, the list just keeps getting longer.  Still, I think you may find it valuable, however incomplete but lengthy it is.

If you see omissions from this list (quite likely) please include suggestions below in the comments. I will keep adding your suggestions to this list as we go along. Here’s the small business Twitter list in alphabetical order by name — add them to your list of folks you follow on Twitter:

Organizations and Corporate Vendors (and their employees or representatives) that serve the small business market:

Other suggestions for this list?  Please leave them in the comments section below.


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Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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  1. Wow! This is one large, comprehensive list. Thanks – there are some I’ve been following, and others that I’ll be adding and sharing with others.

  2. This article is really wonderful. I know merging the technology of the Internet with cell phones is not a new thing anymore. What I find rally amazing is the fact that the use of these two to maximize online marketing promotion is really becoming useful.

  3. New media consultant added

    Here is another on on the list i have found very usefull and does follow back

    Jest Staffel
    New media consultant

    i always find he shares unique new techniques,tools and ideas

  4. Great list I also like @timboreid – he offers great free advice to his followers also has a very practical book on sme marketing called Cha-Ching. Thanks once again.

  5. Anita,
    Nice list. It is nearly an impossible task trying to track who helps small businesses on Twitter, so I admire your efforts. There thousands of small businesses currently on Twitter. From Fortune 100 to small start-ups the variety is mind numbing. Some are executing well, some are not.

    The use cases for Twitter as a business tool are quite varied. Your readers may find a good source for best practices for business engagement on Twitter as well as insights to how companies are using twitter. We just did a blog post on the future of advertising on Twitter.


  6. Great list, but there is a great marketer you have missed, that shares his marketing expertise and insights with the small business community – Jim Connelly ;

  7. Can’t believe you missed David Frey. His site is the best resource on the web for small business marketing.

    His twitter username is @David_Frey

  8. Add @nikkipilkington to the list.

    She is a real expert on Internet Marketing

  9. I’d like to add @NikkiPilkington to this list – Nikki is an SEO expert who started in the business before there was even a Google! Her articles and updates are second to none for anyone wanting to build their web presence and increase their Search Engine Rankings

  10. So happy to see Susan Reid and Zane Safrit on your list, Anita. Two of my most fav people (including you). Twitter has so many excellent folks who share good information, you are brave to begin a list of them. I’ll be watching as folks add more valuable names and twitter links.

  11. Thanks for creating this! I’d like to see BizUnite under ‘Organizations and Corporate Vendors.’ Our Twitter followers get FREE insights and best practices for small businesses.

  12. Another vote for Jim Connolly definitely – @jimconnolly

    It’s a difficult list as so many people help small business and in different ways – thanks for trying to make sense of it but I fear that you have opened up Pandora’s box!

    (Thanks to those who suggested me, even if it was only me moaning that prompted you!)

  13. Great List – thanks. Please add Front Office Box.

  14. Don’t forget @bestbuyremix and @keithburtis — they answer and are interested in having a conversation.


  15. It would be great if you could add @RedWire, an online community for entrepreneurs. You can also follow me, RedWire’s community manager, at @erin_bury.

    Thanks for this list, it’s great!

  16. Jean-Baptiste Perrin

    I sometimes tweet for BitLogistics, a supply chain visibility software service for small businesses. Not only is it targetted at smaller organisations, but it is also free…

  17. Mike Morrison at @rapidbi is a great source of knowledge and insight and will be a great addition to your list.

  18. Jean-Baptiste Perrin

    So you can follow @alphast to know more about it.

  19. Thanks for a great list! I set out this morning to find more people to follow and this list made it super easy. @acrnallymktg

  20. Ron’s Home And Hardware

    Online/Brick & Mortar Retailer

    They have several people on Twitter at any given time, and engage frequently without a bunch of spammy Tweets.

  21. Great list – looks like I’ll need to go follow some more people.

    I’d also recommend following @businesscaster, the official twitter account of the popular Podcast for SMBs at


  22. I would add Paul Gram – Business and Braning, @paulgram on twitter

  23. @themarketingspot Jay Ehret should be on your list

  24. Thanks — keep the suggestions rolling in. 🙂 Am adding them bit by bit to the list as I check them out ….

  25. Thanks for the great list! Very useful!


  26. As someone who has tried to compile these kinds of lists before, please don’t take it personally if they missed anyone. It really is next to impossible to identify and remember everyone on Twitter in a dedicated niche. I tried doing it with Twitter moms and toes got stepped on. 🙂

    (Thanks for including me! I bet @jonathanfields had something to do with that)

  27. please don’t forget
    For Tech Tips, News, and Trends & Social Networking for Businesses

  28. This is a great list – thanks for putting this together!

    I’d like to add @IntuitPayroll to the Intuit list. Thanks!

  29. John Tozzi (BusinessWeek reporter)

    Thanks, great list, Anita. For those interested, BusinessWeek’s small biz reporters recently started Twittering as @newentrepreneur

  30. Great list! I’m impressed and am sure that it’ll be widely known within the online community soon.


  31. Wow – what a huge list! Thanks for including me in such great company.


  32. You should out me *grin*, Rob McNealy (@RobMcNealy.) I help startups and small businesses by interviewing them on

  33. Can you add yourself? I am a web video marketing consultant and speaker for small business. Learn how web video can help your business.

  34. Great list, Anita, in keeping with your helpful “top x trends” posts of late. I would humbly add Winning Workplaces: @winningwp. We’re a nonprofit in Chicago whose mission is to help small and midsized businesses create better work environments. Our content points to how seemingly “soft” practices bring out greater employee productivity and company profitability.

  35. Thank you so much, Anita.
    THIS would explain why I am getting a new follower every 3 minutes.
    The Franchise King.

    I mean- @FranchiseKing

  36. I would love inclusion if possible; @paula6thlevel. Could I also suggest @emmaljones of

  37. This is a really good list. I’ve found lots of new people to start following. Thanks for sharing them.

  38. Fantastic list. Thanks for the time and effort you must have put in to compiling it. I found some interesting new people to follow and learn from.


  39. Hey Anita, great list. I’d also suggest adding some folks under the “Organizations” list that tend to serve the really small business community (small as in self-employed, not small in terms of numbers:-)

    Check out @freshbooks (online invoicing) and @danenglander from Shoeboxed (receipt scanning & mgmt.)

    We’re also on Twitter – @gobootstrap (online bookkeeping for self employed folks)


  40. What about Marketing Profs’ Anne Handley? She needs to be on the list.

  41. Great list Anita! Thanks for sharing, and for including Intuit 🙂

  42. Excellent list! So excellent, in fact, that you managed to finally convince me to create a SECOND twitter account for my blogging/small business persona. MY first one was strictly for my music/songwriting, but now I feel like I’m missing out on all the small biz stuff going on!

    If anyone asks, Anita made me do it!

  43. Wow! This is great – it really confirms some of the people I am currently following and adds to my list. It’s people like you that take time out of their schedule to help the fellow business owner!

    Spencer Tyler – @spencertyler
    *helping small business owners to stop working harder and start working smarter

  44. Hey!
    Thanks for such a great list of people to follow on twitter.

    While Im here I have loads of great people too>

  45. Here are a couple of folks I really like:

    Todd Friesen @oilman

    Matt Cutts @mattcutts

    Andy Beal @andybeal

    Joe Morin @josephmorin

    and of course, me! @seomike

  46. I shamelessly request that I be added to this list 😛

    At @NLPerry, and at, I help small business owners, individuals, and families in Georgia with their health and life insurance needs.

  47. In the online invoicing and timekeeping arena, please add Time59 ( to the list. It’s a great, low cost, solution for solo professionals who bill by the hour.

  48. Hi, my name is Allison Blass and I represent Advanta’s ideablob at MWW Group. I see that you have ideablob’s Twitter account listed, but Advanta’s Chief Innovation Officer is also an active Twitter user. I hope you’ll consider adding him @AdvantaCIO.


  49. So many people – so little time. 🙂

    Already following a few of them but always finding more that I wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for lists and recommendations like this.


  50. Great List. Keeping a focus on your followers is so important in keeping twitter relevant to your life and business. Thanks Anita!

  51. @entrep_thinking if you’d like an offbeat recovering entrepreneur turned entrepreneurship PhD, now a social entrepreneur working in public policy issues re entrepreneurial development… (and a shameless self-promoter, LOL)

    you do have @rieva, yes?

    note: Fluent Simplicity has their own list
    also: (Sarah Evans’ idea)

    p.s. once this list stabilizes, we need to get out the word!

  52. Wow, that is quite the list, Anita!

    I can’t think of any that you’ve missed, there are so many good resources out there and more added each day.

    Definitely bookmarking this post for further study!

    ‘Chelle Parmele – @cparmele – @bplans

  53. Hi There:

    Thanks for such a wonderful list 😀

  54. Great list – thought you might want to add public relations resources.
    List of PR pros on twitter:

  55. Anita,

    Great list. I will go through it and add more people to follow. I am following 591 Twitter users at the moment.

    I think you should add Robert Scoble:
    He is a big fan of FriendFeed. I think that more and more Twitter users will start to use FriendFeed too. You could follow different threads, vote on messages you think are interesting, add plenty of different feeds, create rooms with special topics, etc.

    If you want to follow me on Twitter, click on “Martin Lindeskog” Says:

  56. Wow….This list is pure gold!

    Now I’m following people i didn’t know they were using twitter.


    Independencia Financiera

  57. Wow – what a great list! I’ll have to bookmark this, since I can’t follow anyone else until I get more followers.

    Thank you!

  58. What a wonderful start to a huge list !! @MatthewBrowning helps nursing agencies and healthcare facilities contact their nurses very FAST- saving hundreds of hours and saving thousands of dollars- the have a site here worth looking at

  59. Anita, this is an amazing list! Thanks for including me, and thanks for the terrific small business resources!

  60. Hi. You can add me to the list of Business Twitters. I offer Mobile Marketing and Mobile Media Services and post our business thoughts on my twitter page which is at

  61. Thanks Anita- I am relatively new to Twitter but it is an honor to be on your list
    I have found it a great tool!

  62. WOW! Thank you for including me on this list. So many, most, if not all, serve as my inspiration, role model, competitive challenge pushing me to do more…and they offer such great content, tips and resources.

    Thanks for this and all the other great things you do for small biz.

    Big fan,

    – Zane

  63. Thank you Anita! Just Twittered about this honor!
    Much appreciation ~ Laurel

  64. What a comprehensive list! Thanks for compiling this!

    Feel free to follow me as well. 😉

  65. Thanks Anita! This is a really helpful resource for all of us. Also, thanks for the shout-out!

  66. great list, i like twitter but now, if i click follow and error 🙁 get me advice

  67. Thanks Anita for such a great resource (your hard work is noticed and appreciated by everyone).

    I know of most people in the list and have huge respect for them.

    And thanks for including me.


  68. See – Regular news relating to small business. It’s relatively new to the web, but growing fast and with lots of value to add to regular followers & visitors.

  69. Hi Anita: Thanks for including me in your list!! It’s really cool to see people here who have been guests on my Indie Business Radio Show too, including @rieva and @timberry!. What fun! I have some colleagues I’d like to suggest:

    JoAnn Hines, Packaging Diva: @packagingdiva
    Anne-Marie Faiola: @brambleberry
    Michael Hyatt: @michaelhyatt

    I have others to suggest as well so will get to that later today! Thanks again!

  70. Here is another cool list from Mashable about bigger brands using twitter and the people behind them, def some good insights on goals and usage purposes.

  71. I’ve coached and mentored CEO’s around the world. And have done speaking events to groups of CEO’s and their key employees on 5 continents now.

    I’ve got some great content to share. on Twitter

  72. Excellent list! Thanks for the inclusion and we appreciate the time and effort you invested in putting this together. It saved me (and others here) a lot of time.

    Thanks again!

    –Joseph Manna
    @JoeManna –

  73. Wow, what an awesome list. I follow some of these people already and will need to check out the others. I have lots of visiting to do.

  74. If anybody has or is interested in having a business in China, please follow @paulsalo Asia biz, 20 years exp, currently living in Shanghai. We have a good group of expats here doing all kinds of interesting things.

  75. Anita,

    I am never the type of person to draw undue attention to myself, so please accept this suggestion for an addition to your list as a sincere recommendation.

    I work with small businesses in the capcity of CFO. I think we offer a unique and valuable perspective on small business, entrepreneurship, and how to help businesses grow to the next level. We are dedicated to serving entrepreneurs and small business owners, and out content is directed to accomplish that end. Ultimately, we hope to add value to as many of this group as possible.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thanks.

  76. Guy Kingston runs a Mind Your Own Business podcast for small businesses and entrepreneurs. You already have it in your list of podcasts.

    His on Twitter too:

  77. I admire your tenacity in culling this list!

    I’d suggest you add author Steve McKee – @WhenGrowthStall – to your list. He’s a marketing expert and columnist for BusinessWeek Online.

  78. @webbmarent is a great resource for small and medium sized businesses. They are marketing experts and I get early information as far as promotional products are concerned. Great company to work with as they understand budgets and relationships. Highly recommended also if you are into gadgets. I think this economy will continue to insist on reaching out to an end client and a promotional item leaves a physical and long lasting impression.

  79. Fantastic list Anita!

    Been trough it twice & I can’t find Darren Rowse aka @problogger , so in case he got missed – he get’s my vote!

    Thanks to all other commenters too!

  80. Wow, this list is PLATINUM, Tia. For anyone interested, collaboration software Central Desktop recently started Twittering as @centraldesktop

    Central Desktop levels the playing field for small companies wishing to do business with enterprise partners and customers.

    Again, excellent list!

  81. Anita,

    This is an awesome list! I look forward to picking up good conversations with everyone.

    I hope to connect with you all! If anyone wants to follow, I am new to Twitter but I am there so follow me and I’ll follow you.

    Toffer Grant

  82. Anita / All,

    Are you aware of any hashtags (#) commonly used for SMB articles on twitter?

    For those new to the subject see:

  83. What an amazing list! I just had to re-post via twitter and facebook.

  84. Small Business!

    I’m a successful artist-entrepreneur.

    I twitter about how my business works.

    Rebecca Stees, -@artyowza

  85. @SmallBizExpo is ours

    We send out tweets on issues related to entrepreneurship and small business ownership.

  86. Excellent and valuable list Anita.

    I’ve found @juntajoe to be useful.

    Follow me if you like…
    @mpdotcom is designed to help small biz with online marketing.

  87. @mmcallen is our business twitter handle. We tweet about Events & Media. Around 1700 followers.

    Grass Shack Events & Media

  88. I have actually built a working prototype to send Brief Notes and create them within your groups.
    I plan to add more features to the tool but currently you can check it out with demo account or create your own.

    check out

  89. Don’t forget the MicroBiz Blog network folks: Dawn Rivers Baker @dawnriversbaker Lloyd Lemons @lloydlemons and Jane Chin @janechin
    All specialize in Micro Business topics.

  90. Only active the past few weeks, SurePayroll works with small businesses and is now active on Twitter.


  91. @mwitzling – small business and marketing roi

    @SusanSBTVcom – Susan Solovic, CEO of – Small Business Television

  92. Please add Us: – @Amenamen


  93. Hi Anita –

    I would very much appreciate being included the next time you re-issue this list.


    Linda Daichendt

  94. Hi Anita,
    I help small businesses with Local SEO and WordPress websites. I’d love to be included in your next list!


  95. Paul Meeting room

    Great list I also like @timboreid – he offers great free advice to his followers also has a very practical book on sme marketing called Cha-Ching. We also help SME with free office spaces.Do add us to your list @avantaUK. Thanks once again.

  96. Wow awesome and very useful list. I have been able to move my business on so much by using twitter. The amount of connections you can make there is insane

  97. Anita, seeing your list has finally convinced me that I should get twittering. Here’s my spanking new Twitter ID:

  98. Great list. If you are a small biz owner, please don’t forget to stop by our post and introduce yourself. See the top of the site — most comments. Or just click here:

  99. Also, for those of you wrapping your hands around the quickly moving Twitter-sphere, you’ll want to read this post (and the ones that Anita links to).

  100. As Self awareness is the key quality that leaders must develop as recommended by Stanford Business School Advisory committee I think you need some tweets that are motivational and informational in this field

  101. you could add Bistro Vida in Menlo Park, CA.

  102. Awesome list, Anita. Thanks for putting @smallbusiness on the list. – Rex ( @R )

  103. Anita,
    I heard it only took you a couple of hours to produce this magnificent list.
    Thank you!

    Joel Libava

  104. I am asking to please add @tucsonmerchant to your list. TucsonMerchant is a local small business marketing consultant in Tucson, AZ (works all over).

  105. I second the suggestion for @freshbooks and would like to add a suggestion of @JanetAttard – She is helpful and doesn’t just plug her web site.

  106. I think you should add Devon Callan to this list…he is a credit union SBA sales manager

  107. Please add:
    Imagination Publishing: The leading small business custom content agency in America. Has created small business content for Lowe’s, Wells Fargo, MasterCard, Xerox, Sam’s Club and more

  108. If you are going to have a list of the Ultimate Small Businesses you should have the Ultimate Home Business @David_GBG

  109. Hey Anita,

    Would love to be included. We offer up small business marketing advice at the Cat’s Eye Marketing Blog ( and have been marketing small businesses and solopreneurs for 26 years (

    My twitter name: @catseyewriter

  110. Would love to be included on your list for quality invitations and stationery products for all written social needs.
    on twitter lettersfrmlilly

  111. Anita — Thank you so much for doing this. Gary

  112. Great info on who to follow! I highly recommend @chazatcaz – Small Business Owner with a business that focuses on promotion of small-medium sized businesses! He’s got it going on!


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  114. Terrific resource – thanks! (I assume this is the updated list referred to in your 3/21/09 post, which points back to the 1/20 post.)

    Scaling what works for large corporations to create cost effective solutions for small to medium-sized businesses was a lot simpler when all we needed to focus on was PR and advertising in local media outlets, direct mail, websites, e-mail marketing. Now we’re trying to scale the expanding universe of social media, SEO, and CRM. On extremely tight budgets.

    Exciting times! Would love to have you add me to the list.


  115. some names…

    @mashable (pete cashmore)

    and maybe me..

  116. Not to blow my own horn, but I am, I help whoever has a Software Project That Sucks. And I make it Not Suck. Easy!

    Now if you follow my Tweets, it’s about one third business, one third rants about Obama being too conservative, and one third getting all mushy about my drsweetie. So don’t expect highly filtered all-small-business content!

    If you want consistently serious tweets, look elsewhere. If, however, you want entertainment and outrage along with your information, check me out: @MarkWSchumann.

  117. Hi Anita,

    Great list. I’d like to add David Thomas who is really keen on helping small businesses achieve problem free computing.




  118. Great article– thank you!

    Twitter– @janetengel

  119. I tweet PR advice for small businesses.

  120. I tweet about PR for small businesses. @TheBuzzFactory

  121. Scott Fox, Author of Internet Riches

    Busy blogging, podcasting, and writing books for small business people about e-commerce startups and online marketing at and the E-Commerce Success Blog at

    Love to meet more of you if you’d like to follow me on Twitter at or @scott_fox!

    Thanks, Anita.

  122. Mine is @mariamarsala I post new videos, radio engagements, classes, etc.

    I seem to have attracted a few Internet Gurus to my list.

    This Twitter stuff amazes me 🙂

  123. Susan Payton, The Marketing Eggspert

    If you have room, I’d love to get on the list. I’m all about marketing and entrepreneurship.



  124. I feel we provide a great service to small businesses, one of the most comprehensive sources of business networking events in the UK.

    Stuart Russell, – @findnetworking

  125. I offer information, free tutorials and networking opportunities to the community of new entrepreneurs who need help to start their business and create their job. I am also the author of two new business books (several older ones too!): Whiz Biz in Changing Times and Whiz Teens in Business, to help people create their job by starting a small business. On Twitter, I am @DanielleVallee

  126. Thanks for compiling this list. I’d love to be included in the next publish / update. My firm, SmokeJumper Strategy, is based in Silicon Valley and provides strategy, product innovation and marketing consulting to primarily software and internet companies. In addition to the consulting firm, I run two other small businesses and have used internet marketing successfully for both.

    Twitter: @smokejumper

  127. Awesome!

    I’m new at tweet. Important for my new start-up music label Morena Records. My debut album June 9!

    See you there!

  128. Another great company I came across on tweeter:

    aStretchOut Liom

  129. Great listing, please add my details, RaaS (resource as a solution) is here to provide the same level of Talent Management Service to Small Businesses, as the big players get.

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  130. Also worth adding, she is a great motivator and has great insights

  131. UK based importer and distributor of Chinese/Lifan motorbikes.

  132. Would love to be included on your list for stationery and invitations and papers for written correspondence.

  133. Great list!

    Don’t miss Professional Web Presence Solutions & Social Networking For Business: Virtually Ready – @virtuallyready

  134. Hi,

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    It links accommodation between friends and people with common interests.

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  135. Wonderful list. I would add a few:

    @marismith – social media maven / guru – queen of facebook and buzz marketing specialist

    @virtualpartner – virtual assistant and social media specialist (

    @donnaprice – business success coach

    @meredithliepelt – marketing by attraction expert, award winning marketing expert, speaker and author

  136. Hi Anita
    Wonderful list. Please add @receivables. It’s the account for The Receivables Exchange ( The Receivables Exchange helps SMBs turn their receivables into working capital.

  137. Great list! Here’s small business marketing site to keep your eyes on!

  138. Paul Meeting room

    Wow awesome and very useful list. I have been able to move my business on so much by using twitter. The amount of connections you can make there is insane

  139. Health Insurance for Self Employed People, and Small Businesses

  140. Great collection of interesting Twiples to follow! This list is worth to Tweet and RT.. :)..

    Include the first 10 individula followed by Google on Twitter from


  141. Would love to recommend @sternalpr @sternalmrkt @smbiz for the small business work they’ve been doing on Twitter.

  142. See also Rabiya Jilani – @bizincubation

  143. Great article!!!

    @timandren is one of my favorites and shouldn’t be forgotten. I read his blog religiously too.

  144. this is a great resource… i will be regularly following your posts.. thanks..

  145., a Web hosting provider, is on Twitter – @Aplus_net


  146. This list is pretty amazing. I’ve started following a bunch of experts from this list and appreciate the insights and ideas.

    For those new to the Small Business Trends community, don’t forget to introduce yourself here and if there’s a particular topic or area you’re researching, don’t forget to check out the archives.

    Please briefly introduce yourself at this thread:

  147. I’d like to recommend SCORE’s new Twitter account @SCOREMentors. They’ve been very active of late.

  148. Here is one for the list:

    Hussein Yahfoufi
    Pegasus FX

  149. Hi Anita –

    Hope you add me to the list – thanks!



  150. Thank you putting together this very informative and useful post. One of the best list I’ve seen by far – looking forward for more.


  151. Could someone help me with tweetin our small buisness to potential geothermal heating and cooling clients.

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  152. Could someone help me with tweetin our small buisness to potential geothermal heating and cooling clients.

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  153. A fantastic list. You may also want to consider adding us to your list: @billblase. Small business marketing and media relations is one of our growing specialities.

  154. Great List! I am following all of them! I manage Sarasota Ford’s Twitter account and we are a small business, here is our info:

    Thanks so much!

  155. Memory Imprint Studio @memoryimprint

  156. Thanks for the incredible compilation.

  157. — small business distributor program and tips on running a small business.

  158. Yes! Thanks Anita for the great list.
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  159. SoftSpotByWozzy

    Great list.

    Also follow @softspotbywozzy

  160. Great article! Guy Kawasaki is the “Twitter King” and I have learned quite a bit from him regarding how to successfully use Twitter to promote my new business. Guy recently gave a seminar in San Diego regarding how to build your business through Social Media. Check it out:
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  162. @practicalmanife is our twitter name. We are a global network of positive thinkers that write and follow blogs.

  163. Great list, thanks so much for putting this together!

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