This Week in Small Business, How Will Your Small Business Fair on Amazon Prime Day?

Have you heard?

Monday is the start of Amazon Prime Day 2018.

The day’s become somewhat of a true shopping holiday and surely brings in a lot of revenue for Amazon. But this week, Amazon let us all know what impact Prime Day is having for small businesses, too.

Amazon Prime Day 2018

In this latest edition of This Week in Small Business, I was joined again by John “Colderice” Lawson and we immediately dove in deeper on some of the numbers Amazon released this week. The figures focus on the success that small businesses who sell on Amazon are realizing today.

Check out our conversation to find out how many products small businesses sold on Prime Day 2017. And Amazon also says that selling on Amazon has turned those smal businesses in to job creators, too.

John and I also took a fun look at another article that appeared on Small Business Trends this week, the list of top apps for BlackBerry phones.

Honestly, we were both surprised to see this list this week … in 2018 but we also realize we may be in a bit of a bubble here. We invite the BlackBerry user community to weigh in on this one.

Be sure to check out what else was happening this week for small businesses in the Small Business Trends news roundup below. Also, be sure to subscribe to the Small Business Trends YouTube channel to get notifications when the next This Week in Small Business is live.


Looming Trade War Worries Experts, Could Your Small Business be Affected?

Some U.S. businesses are putting capital projects on hold due to the uncertainty over the Trump administration’s tariffs, according to the Federal Reserve.

Job Market Remains Tight Despite Swelling Labor Force, SBE Council Reports

With an average monthly job creation of 215,000 for the first half of 2018,  a gain of 213,000 jobs for June was better than expected. The high number has also encouraged those who have been out of the labor market to come back in.


Small Businesses Add 29,000 Jobs to U.S. Economy in June – Lowest Growth in 4 Previous Months

According to the June 2018 ADP (NASDAQ:ADP) National Employment Report, private sector employment increased by 177,000 jobs for the month — but only 29,000 of those were at small businesses. June 2018 ADP Small Business Report This is a much lower number than the 47,000, 62,000, 38,000, and 38,000 jobs small businesses created in February, March, April and May respectively.

Over 700,000 Teens Are Looking for Work This Summer! Could Your Small Business Benefit?

When summer rolls around, America’s teens — those 16 to 19 years old — usually get a job until they go back to school. But according to the latest Pew Research, only 35% percent of teens had a job last summer, which is well below pre-2000 levels.


23%  of Employees Decide Where to Work Based on the Office Environment, Survey Finds

In today’s business environment, the workplace can be anywhere. But when employees are working in an office, how the office is designed carries a lot of weight. A new report by Continental Office reveals 23% of the workforce say the physical environment affects their decision to stay with or leave an organization.

Retail Trends

Small  Businesses Sold More Than 40 Million Items During Last Amazon Prime Day, Company Says

When Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) introduced Prime Day in 2015, the goal was to increase sales at one of the slowest shopping times of the season. But the event has done much more than that because according to the company, it has also created 900,000 jobs in the countries that participate in Prime Day.

5 Tips to Attract Millennial Parents and Why You Need These Customers

If you’re an online or off-line retailer, why are millennial parents such important customers for you? The short answer is, “Because there are so many of them.” Half of all children in the U.S. have millennial parents, according to The National Retail Federation’s Spring Consumer View. Every year, more than 1 million millennial women have children.

Small Business Loans

California Small Business Loan Demand Up 80% Since 2017, Lendio Reports

Data from small business lending platform Lendio shows demand for small business funding in California has increased 80% year-over-year from 2017 to 2018. The Rise in Demand for Small Business Loans in California In the case of Lendio, the company loaned close to $120 million to 5,000 California-based small businesses in less than five years.

Social Media

44% of Businesses Can’t Adequately Measure Social Media Impact, Report Says (INFOGRAPHIC)

More businesses are using social media in their marketing mix, and for some, it is the only platform they use. But how do you evaluate your return on investment or ROI when you decide to use social media marketing? An infographic from MDG Advertising titled, “The ROI of Social Media” looks at the effectiveness of social media marketing and asks whether it is worth the investment.

Apply These 10 Insider Tips for Using Instagram Stories to Make Sales

Instagram is currently rolling out a new feature within Instagram Stories that lets businesses tag products so that customers can shop directly within the app. Susan Buckner Rose, Director of Product Marketing, Instagram Business Platform said in an email to Small Business Trends, “The Shopping in Stories feature allows people to shop products directly from their Instagram Stories.


Report Highlights Importance of Adaptability Quotient for Business Survival

A new study released by Advantage|ForbesBooks, is putting a spotlight on Adaptability Quotient (AQ), a concept many businesses may not be aware of. Titled “Adapt or Die: Why Corporate Giants Failed, How to Make Sure You Don’t,” it offers insights into how the AQ of a company plays a critical role in its long-term survivability.

Technology Trends

Wilson Electronics Introduces Cell Booster to Connect Your Business Fleet

When the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published the new electronic logging device (ELD) rules, it meant fleets had to install more reliable communications technologies. weBoost Drive 4G-X Fleet The launch of the new weBoost Drive 4G-X Fleet by Wilson Electronics is going to ensure fleet vehicles will have reliable cellular communication.

New Nokia X5 Phone May be Perfectly Priced for Budget Conscious Small Businesses

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) may soon be in the news again with a new low-priced phone perfect for budget minded small businesses. HMD Global has started licensing the brand with a view toward providing more affordable devices. The Nokia X5 or Nokia 5.1 Plus is the latest budget smartphone looking to make a splash in a crowded segment.

Microsoft Surface Go Delivers Affordable Tablet Technology to Small Businesses

At a starting price of $399, the new Surface Go from Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is the most affordable PC from the popular line. At half the price of the cheapest Surface Pro tablet, this move by Microsoft will give small businesses as well as individuals, and even enterprises, access to a very popular device running Office applications.

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