Best TikTok Lights for Your Videos

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TikTok videos are probably the most popular form of social media right now, and getting your business active on TikTok can be very beneficial. TikTok videos are short by nature, so adding lighting or other effects can make your videos stand out among others. TikTok lights are very easy to use and are available in various lengths, price points, and with different abilities.

What are TikTok Lights?

TikTok lights is the general term for LED lights used to make TikTok videos, take photos, or create an ambient light in your space. These are typically LED strip lights and are remote-controlled. Some have voice activation or the pairing ability with your phone or virtual assistant. They can be set to a variety of different colors, can change color, and more.

TikTok lights are used, in part, to create lighting effects or ambient lighting in TikTok videos. Using TikTok lights can make your videos stand out and allow you to show your creativity and fun side. TikTok lights can also be used to liven up your space. Light strips look great behind TVs, artwork, and inside display cases. Because they are strip lights with adhesive on the back, the light strips can be hidden so all that is seen are the colorful lights. You can use them to showcase a particular product, or strategically place them around to highlight your TV display or shelves, or just create an exciting and eye-catching atmosphere in your space.

What Kinds of TikTok Lights Are There?

TikTok creators use different kinds and brands of lights, depending upon what type of video they are making. Some users use white or warm lighting when demonstrating make-up, for example, while others use colorful lighting and effects to make their videos more exciting. There are, however, two main types of “TikTok lights,” and they do very different things:

LED Lights

LED strip lights are the most popular kind among TikTok users because of their changeability. These lights can be multicolored or a single color, can be stationary or pulse along with music and have many other customizable options. These lights are also very user-friendly and can be tucked away easily and neatly.

Ring Lights

Ring lights are different from the LED strip lights – they are circular lights designed to be placed directly in front of the subject. Ring lights optimize the artificial light and make it as close to sunlight as possible. They eliminate shadows and conceal flaws through the circular light, leading to an equal amount of light diffused on the subject.

Ring lights are frequently used by make-up, hair, and jewelry businesses for demonstration TikTok videos. However, anyone who will be directly in front of the camera can benefit from the use of a ring light. They can provide you with the most professional-looking lighting for your demonstration or informational videos.

Why You Should Invest in Lights for Your TikTok Videos

Using TikTok to promote your business can get your brand seen on one of the most popular social media platforms today. According to one study, an estimated 2 billion people will use social media this year, and that number is expected to grow. Businesses are taking advantage of this and using social media for marketing and customer outreach. In fact, TikTok has an account option for businesses that allows them to create ads, branded effects, and more. Here are some great reasons for investing in TikTok lights:

  • Promote Products on TikTok– Promote your top products in a TikTok video; use lighting to grab attention, enhance your product demonstration, or give yourself the most optimal lighting for making your video.
  • Dress Up Your Store – Place smart LED strip lights strategically around your store to create ambiance or to highlight certain areas or products. Or use a strip light to color wash a wall rather than painting.
  • Save Energy – A strip light uses less electricity than a traditional light, so you can potentially save some money swapping out your display lights for TikTok LED lights while adding color to your space.
  • Outdoor Lighting – If you have a business with outdoor seating, enhance the atmosphere with strip lights. Or use them in your window or signage.
  • Trade Shows and Booths – Make your booth stand out at the next trade show by affixing lights around it.

Best TikTok Lights in 2022

If you run a business, chances are you use some kind of social media for marketing. If you’re planning on branching out into TikTok, or upgrading your presence there, using TikTok lights for effects or ambient lighting is a great start. Check out our  list of the best TikTok lights for your business in 2022:

Top Pick: Govee LED Strip Lights

Runner Up: TBI Pro Wifi TikTok Lights

Best Value: Daybetter LED Strip Lights

Best Ring Light: Neewer Ring Light with Stand

Govee LED Strip Lights

Govee 65.6ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights for Bedroom

Top Pick: Our top pick for best TikTok lights is these two rolls of 50 Govee LED strip lights. These lights offer extensive customizable lighting options, music synching, Alexa compatibility, and more. The Govee LED strip lights provide segmented color, allowing the user to use multiple colors on a line, using RGBIC effects.

These lights have a durable and flexible coating to protect the lights from moisture and dust. There is also a Govee Home app with Govee studio, which offers more color and lighting ideas.

Govee 65.6ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights for Bedroom, Smart LED Strip Lights Alexa Compatible

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TBI Pro Wifi LED Strip Lights

Upgraded 2022 WiFi LED Strip Lights Kit

Runner Up: Our second choice for best TikTok lights was this 20-foot strip from TBI Pro. This strip light features cut marks on the color-changing lights so they can be easily cut without damaging the rest of the strip. This light strip also comes with extra 3M tape, though the manufacturer states the tape on the back of these lights is extremely adhesive.

These lights are plug-and-play, so you can set them up right away without any special tools. TBI Pro has an app where you can control your lights, or you can use the provided remote control.

TBI Pro Upgraded 2022 WiFi LED Strip Lights Kit TikTok light 20 feet 300 LED

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Daybetter LED Strip Lights

DAYBETTER Smart WiFi Led Lights 100ft

Best Value: We went with Daybetter’s LED strip lights for the best TikTok lights to get on a budget. You get 100 bright lights which can be controlled by a downloadable app or remote control. These smart lights are also compatible with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant, have a timer mode, group lighting functions, and more.

Daybetter LED strip light comes with cutting marks to help with cutting the strip if needed, and are equipped with short circuit protection.

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights 100ft Smart Light Strips

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Neewer Ring Light with Stand

Neewer 18-inch LED Ring Light with Stand and 2.4G Wireless Remote

Best Ring Light: For our best ring light, we chose this kit from Neewer, which includes an 18″ outer diameter 55W LED Ring Light with a USB charging port, a 61″ stand, a soft tube, remote controls, phone holder and more. The bi-color temperature ring light adjusts from a warm 3200K to a white 5500K freely without an orange color filter. The brightness can be changed from 0% to 100% so the user can achieve cold white light or warm light to hide blemishes and change skin tones quickly and easily.

Neewer 18-inch LED Ring Light with Stand and 2.4G Wireless Remote Phone Holder

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Tenmiro Led Lights

Tenmiro Led Lights for Bedroom 100ft

Tenmiro offers 2 rolls of 50 LED strip lights with music sync function and built-in sensitivity adjustable mic, allowing the light color to change with the rhythm and sound of music. You can control the LED strip lights with a 44key IR remote control or app, where you can easily select colors, change modes, adjust brightness, set a timer, or even DIY your own unique colors.

Tenmiro 100ft Music Sync Color Changing LED Strip Lights with Remote and App Control

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Gusodor LED Strip Lights

GUSODOR 200ft Led Lights

Use the remote control or app to control the 200 LED lights from Gusodor. You can customize your own color scenes or use one of the over 16 million different color combinations and settings. These strip lights have 23 different dynamic modes, come with strong adhesive backing, and have music synching, timer modes, and lots more features.

GUSODOR 200 ft LED Bluetooth tiktok lights Color Changing RGB Led Light Strips

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LED Strip Lights Waterproof Outdoor

These strip lights from LAMPSERO are waterproof, which means they can be used outdoors or in fountains, gardens, bathroom mirrors, etc. You get 3 rolls of 16.4 feet of strip lights which can be controlled using the remote or app. These lights also feature a timer mode and music and sound effects synch.

LAMPSERO Outdoor Waterproof LED Strip Lights

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Inkeltech Ring LightInkeltech Ring Light

The Inkeltech ring light allows the user to take photos directly with a wireless remote and control the light temperature and brightness from up to 8 feet away. This light comes with a 360-degree rotating phone holder and a retractable tripod that helps capture different levels of brightness and angles of lighting.

This light can be used indoors or outdoors. For outdoor use, Sony batteries are required.

Inkeltech Ring Light – 18 inch 60 W Dimmable LED Ring Light Kit with Stand

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AceLite 98.4FT LED RGB Rope Light

AceLite 98.4FT LED RGB Rope Light

AceLite multiple color-changing strips have 16 different colors with 4 lighting modes. They are waterproof, so they can be used outdoors for storefronts, roofs, and more. These LED lights are plug and play and come with a remote, 60 plastic mounting clips, and 120 nickel-plated screws for easy set-up.

AceLite 98.4FT Bluetooth AC 110-120V Flexible Strip, Multi-Color Changing SMD 5050 LED

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TODI 12” RGB Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder

12'-inch RGB Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder

TODI’s 12-inch ring light features 3 conventional lighting modes (warm light, natural light, cool light) with 10 levels of brightness, and 6 static RGB modes, with a total of 36 lighting options to choose from. The stand can be adjusted to 5 different heights and has a flexible phone holder and wide-legged tripod for extra stability. This ring light is USB powered.

TODI Selfie Ring Light with 63’Tripod Stand best TikTok lights 42 Color Modes for YouTube/TikTok

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EMART 10-inch RGB Ring Light

EMART 10 inch RGB Ring Light

This light can be controlled by remote or by using Alexa and provides 3 color modes and 10 brightness levels. 7 RGB colors can be selected to provide the most suitable light color for shooting videos. The tripod has a flip lock and can be adjusted from 16.3 inches to 53.7 inches. It is equipped with a phone holder and hose, suitable for multi-size mobile phones, and the shooting angle can be easily adjusted.

EMART 10-inch RGB Ring Light Alexa Voice & Phone Control 55-inch Adjustable Stand

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How to Choose the Best TikTok Lights for Your Room

Depending on how you intend to use the lights, there are different things to consider when choosing the best TikTok lights for your business. Here are some of the most important factors when deciding on the best TikTok lights for you:

Adjustable Brightness

You will want to be able to adjust the brightness of your lights to create the desired effect. Although most smart LED strip lights and ring lights come with the ability to adjust the brightness, some have more adjustability than others.

Voice Control

Voice control is a great feature to have if you’re going to be recording your own videos. The fewer buttons you need to press, the more you can focus on how your video looks. Typically the best TikTok lights have a voice control feature.


Some LED lights come in multiple strips, while others come in one long strip. The strips can be cut to fit spaces; however, make sure you check the length to be certain it will work in your space.

Power Source

Be sure to determine what kind of power source or power adapter is required for your lights. The best TikTok lights have a convenient power source.

RGB vs RGBIC Effects

RGB lights can only display one color at a time, while lights with RGBIC effects can display multiple colors on one strip.

Easy Set-Up

You’ll likely want to spend very little time setting up your lights and more time having fun using them. Look for plug-and-play lights that can be used right out of the box, or lights that require very little setup.

Other TikTok Lighting Products to Consider

Besides LED strip lights and ring lights, TikTok creators also use projectors, light shapes, fairy lights, portable ambient light lamps, and other items. Get content ideas and inspiration and see what kind of lighting products can benefit you and your business. Remember, you don’t have to use our best TikTok lights just for videos! You can really upgrade your storefront, outdoor space, or your entire space by adding strip lights.


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