TikTok Hosting a Small Business Block Party


TikTok has announced it is hosting its first ever Small Biz Block Party, a 20-event workshop series where business owners gather, discuss tactics and strategies, and learn from each other.

The workshop series are free to attend and are designed to help small business owners get together, learn, network and ultimately grow their business. The first Small Biz Block Party will take place on August 5, 2021.

The event is being co-hosted by Main Street America, the non-profit committed to strengthening communities through economic support and development.

TikTok Small Business Block Party

Running a successful small business takes hard work and determination at the best of times. The last 18 months have put huge pressure on small businesses in almost all industries. From adapting to ecommerce strategies to keeping employees in employment, the strength and spirit of the small business community in the US has been commendable.

TikTok’s party in is recognition and celebration of the hard work and resilience of small business owners throughout these unprecedented times.

Becca Sawyer, TikTok’s Global Head of SMB, commented on the aim of the Small Business Block Party event:

“Businesses of all sizes are using the magic of the TikTok community to reach new audiences and expand their business — whether it’s a startup or an iconic local business.

“Our goal is to give every business owner in America the same opportunities as the biggest brands and to help them turn their dreams into a reality,” Sawyer added.

Events Held Across the United States

On August 12, the event will be held in Texas. The following workshop will take place in Texas on August 12, followed by one in North Carolina on August 19. The Party will be held on August 26 in Midwest (MO, NE, KS, ND, SD, IA).

Regular TikTok Small Biz Block Parties will also take place across the United States in September, October and November, with the last one being held on November 18, which will be the National Block Party Finale.

Free and Interactive

All the events will be held in partnership with local organizations from all 50 states. These free interactive workshops are designed to be fun and centered on helping building business communities and help small businesses grow via the TikTok platform.

Nurturing Business Growth on TikTok

From pizza sellers to logo creators, TikTok is proving a vital tool to help small businesses connect with audiences and put their products in front of the people who matter the most.

The Small Biz Block Party events are designed to help small businesses use TikTok to its optimum.

Attendees will have the chance to learn how to create dynamic content on TikTok that audiences will respond to.

Small business owners will also learn how to find and engage with their TikTok community and how to use the measurement and creative tools on TikTok to fuel growth and success.

Small businesses can reserve their place for one of the impending events here.

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