From Our Community: Develop Leadership, Be a Problem Solver

From Our Community: Develop Leadership, Be a Problem Solver

Running a business takes so many different skills. You need to be a good leader. You need to be able a great problem solver. And you need to come up with great ideas. If you want to find some resources to help you better understand all of these necessary skills, look no further than our small business community.

Below are some posts from top business blogs explaining the importance of various entrepreneurial skills, along with some suggestions for helping you develop them. Read our full list in this week’s Small Business Trends community news and information roundup.

Develop Your Leadership Skills

(Rick Segel & Associates)

Sometimes entrepreneurs feel more comfortable with their technical skills than their leadership skills. But when you find yourself in charge of a team, it’s important to adapt. This post by Jennifer Shirkani includes some ideas for developing leadership skills.

Be a Great Entrepreneurial Problem Solver


When running a business, you’ll undoubtedly come across a myriad of problems. You can view these problems as hurdles or opportunities. But you should not let them get in the way of your success. James Bregenzer shares some thoughts about entrepreneurial problem solving in this post.

Come Up With Your Best Ideas Yet


Creating and running a small business often takes a lot of creative thinking. Entrepreneurs need to constantly come up with new and great ideas. Sometimes that can be tough. But this post from Cris Burnam shares seven strategies for coming up with great ideas. BizSugar members also discussed the post here.

Take Advantage of Opportunities in India and China

(Site Pro News)

If you want your business to succeed globally, you should be aware of the huge opportunities available in the emerging markets of India and China. This post by Gail Gardner explains how small businesses can best take advantage of opportunities in these emerging markets. And the BizSugar community discusses the post further here.

Hire Holiday Help Carefully


If your business needs to hire temporary workers for the holiday season, you might be tempted to go the quick and easy route. But temporary employees can still have a big impact on your business. So this post by Angela Preston explains why and how to hire temporary employees carefully.

Get Rid of Paper Coupons


For years, businesses have relied on paper coupons to give incentive to customers as well as measure the success of their promotional efforts. But now, digital coupons offer a much easier solution. In this post, Jared Flamm outlines some of the benefits of using digital coupons, along with some tips for implementing a digital couponing program.

Embrace Positive Thinking

(High Performance Lifestyle)

A positive attitude can make a big difference in your everyday life. But did you know it can also make an impact on your business success as well? Here, Kosio Angelov shares five ways you can use happiness to improve your life and your business. The BizSugar community also discusses positive thinking here.

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Friendly

(Steerpoint Marketing)

You probably already understand that more and more customers are using mobile devices to shop and browse online. So you should already understand the importance of having a mobile friendly site. But according to this post by John Slimak, Google is currently testing icons that would show whether a site is mobile friendly or not. So having a mobile friendly site could soon be even more vital to your business’s success.

Develop a Mobile Advertising Plan

(Susanne Pote)

Once you have a mobile site, the next step might be stepping into the world of mobile advertising. The mobile advertising landscape has changed significantly over the past few years, so you need a plan. This post from Susanne Pote gives some suggestions about creating a mobile advertising plan that works for your business.

Be a Published Author on LinkedIn

(Louisa Chan)

LinkedIn recently started allowing users to publish full blog posts using their LinkedIn accounts. If you’re not already using this option, you may be missing out, according to Louisa Chan. In this post, she outlines some of the reasons business professionals should use the platform. And BizSugar members discuss it further here.

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