Tips For Building Your Online Business

Whether your small business is completely online, has a simple online component or is just marketed via the Internet, building an online business model requires time and commitment. There are no quick fixes or short cuts and certainly no silver bullets. There are many tips and tools out there. Study what’s available, then test techniques to see what works for you.


PPC ads or affiliate marketing? Which works better for your small business site? If your Website is your primary business, you will need to monetize your site with advertising, products or some other means to transform at least some of your visitors into customers. Unless you have a product of your own to sell or a direct sponsor, here are some other options you might consider. Scott Fox

Monetizing online content for beginners. You have content, a personality or brand. How do you transform this content into an online business? David Siteman Garland does a video consulting session with a local broadcast personality about how to monetize online content to create a business. The Rise To The Top

Online Strategy

How local search may be changing. If you haven’t yet heard of Apple’s Siri, a feature of the iPhone 4S, you may not be aware of how this new technology could transform Search Engine Optimization, especially on the local level. Need to know what to do to prime your online marketing? Here’s more. Entrepreneur

Breaking into ebook sales. If you have knowledge to share there may be no better way to build your online business than through the booming ebook market. In this guest post we learn more about how to create a knowledge product that becomes a thriving business overtime and how to boost that business with some simple techniques.

Tips & Trends

Models still vary for bringing small businesses online. Yelp Inc. and Angie’s List Inc. show that the models available for sharing information about small business online still vary widely. What has been your experience with making sure your business is visible and talked about on the Internet. WSJ

What sales 2.0 can do for you. What can the tools of sales 2.0 do for your small business? Well, if you or your sales team are already effective, the Web tools offered by Sales 2.0 will likely make you better. But be warned. These tools will not turn a bad sales team into a good one. Proven techniques must exist behind the technology. Partners in Excellence

Marketing Basics

SEO and social media marketing. This post and creative infographic show the transition occurring in the search engine optimization field as social media gains a stronger footing in how we market online. Are you using these two key approaches to create an irresistible online presence for your small business? WebSuccessTeam

Using Google Analytics tools. To succeed, it helps to have goals and that’s where these tools to manage your online presense come in. Google Analytics is a high quality and free tool to monitor your online business progress. But are you using its features to the greatest potential to benefit your small business? Small Business Bliss

Final Thoughts

Setting up a cost effective local AdSense campaign. Online marketing can be effective even for local business and such a campaign need not be expensive if set up correctly. Here we are walked through the procedure of setting up a cost effective local marketing campaign for a brick and mortar business. Heart Internet

Improving your small business Facebook presence. Your presence on the world’s largest social network should not be taken fo granted. Facebook’s traffic and membership are huge and so is the number of people who may be looking for businesses or partnerships there instead of on Google. If you want to figure out how to make your site shine, look no further. Quantum Marketer

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