Small Business Experts Share Tips for Making Tough Decisions

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Running a small business requires making lots of important decisions. From deciding what type of business to start to determining the best tools for your marketing strategy, strong decision making skills are essential. Here are some helpful insights from members of the online small business community about several important entrepreneurial decisions.

Research the Best Creative Business Ideas

Some entrepreneurs head into the business world with a clear idea of what they want to achieve. But others may only know a general type of business they’d like to start. For example, many entrepreneurs simply want a way to express their creativity. If that describes you, read this Work at Home Woman blog post by Holly Reisem Hanna for ideas.

tips for making tough decisions

Find the Best Online Marketplaces to Sell Your Products

Online marketplaces can make it easy to jump right in and start selling products without much upfront investment. But with so many options, it can be tough to determine where to best spend your time. Nicola Bleu discusses some options in this Startup Bonsai post. And BizSugar members jumped into the discussion here.

Determine the Best State to Run Your Business

Not all businesses operate from the same location forever. If you plan to move your company to a new location, there are some important considerations to make. Read this CorpNet post by Nellie Akalp for a guide.

Consider the Pros and Cons of Outside Funding

Working with investors may help you grow your business faster. But it’s not a magic solution for every startup. There are still some costs you need to cover on your own. Read about some in this Startup Professionals Musings post by Marty Zwilling.

Check These Factors Before Launching Your First Website

What is the best time to launch your small business website? The answer is likely to vary from business to business. But there are certain tasks that should be accomplished before any launch. Paul Wheeler lists them in this BusinessLoad post.

Should You Hire Employees for Your Franchise

Employees can help a franchise business accomplish more. However, this route isn’t the best option for every franchise or every stage of business. Joel Libava offers thoughts in this Franchise Direct post. And the BizSugar community joined the conversation as well.

Determine If You Have What It Takes to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. There are some hard lessons you may learn throughout the years. Rachel Strella of Strella Social Media shares some of her lessons and takeaways that may impact other entrepreneurs in this post.

Open the Online Business You’ve Dreamed Of

Many people dream of starting a business. And thanks to the internet, that dream is more attainable than ever. But what is the right time to jump in? In this Inspire to Thrive post, Lisa Sicard explores some tips for diving in. After reading, head to BizSugar to see what members are saying.

Learn About the Future of Web 3.0

There are always new technologies for small business owners to learn and benefit from. It’s up to each entrepreneur to determine the best time to adopt them. Currently, one of the main trends that people are talking about is web 3.0. Arjun Solanki dives into the concept in this Techs Pro Hub post.

Find the Best WordPress SEO Plugins

There’s a seemingly endless selection of WordPress plugins to improve SEO and beyond. But which are the best ones for your small business? Read this Profit Blitz post by Camille Concepcion for a detailed look at several options. Then visit BizSugar to see what members are saying about the post.

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