Tips for Writing a Better Blog and Other Small Biz Tips from Blawg Review

This week’s edition of Blawg Review, a weekly roundup of blog posts, has a great set of top ten resolutions for writing a better blog. I highly recommend it for any business blogger.

Evan Schaeffer, this week’s host, uses examples from legal blogs. Yet every single tip he provides could apply equally to business blogs.

Even if you do not write a blog, you are bound to pick up some useful tip or two for your small business. For instance, check out the entry from Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites, called “A must-have add-in for Outlook users.”

Someone emailed me recently asking why I frequently point out Blawg Review.

Simple: small businesses need to be aware of legal issues. We operate our businesses in a world of increasing complexity, and legal issues are part of it.

Blawg Review and law blogs are one way to become more knowledgeable about legal issues relatively painlessly and inexpensively. Some of the law blogs are highly entertaining and witty. What’s more, you may be reading something for free written by a lawyer who would otherwise charge $250 an hour in their law practice.

From their earliest inception, blogs tended to attract a large number of lawyers. You’ll find more lawyers (including law professors and law students) writing blogs than you will accountants or dentists or doctors. In fact, some of the biggest blogs on the Internet are written by lawyers — Instapundit comes to mind. Hence, the term “blawg” was coined, by combining “law” plus “blog” to mean a blog written on law topics.

What’s more, if you are like me you might forge a business relationship with one of the law bloggers and hire them as your attorney. Think it can’t happen? I hired an attorney as a result of reading his blog.

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