10 Ways to Market Your Business in a Changing World

10 Ways to Market Your Business in a Changing World

The way businesses market to their customers is constantly changing, from use of new tools like Twitter and Foursquare to the need to cope with shorter customer attention spans.

So, businesses need to constantly update their tactics in order to stay relevant.

This week, members of the small business community shared some tips for continuing to adapt to changes in your industry.

Read the full list of tips in this week’s community news and information roundup below.

Skyrocket Your Twitter Marketing


If you use Twitter as part of your online marketing strategy, you might not be doing all that you can to leverage the platform. Sherman Standberry shares a few steps in this post aimed at helping businesses make the most of their Twitter marketing strategies.

Market to Customers’ Short Attention Spans

(DIY Marketers)

Consumers these days don’t spend a lot of time learning about different businesses and their offerings. If you can’t catch their attention in the first few seconds, they’re likely to just move on. Here, Ivana Taylor talks about how to get and keep customers’ attention in the short amount of time you have. BizSugar members then discuss the post further.

Take Geo Local Marketing Seriously


Twitter and Foursquare recently announced a partnership that could impact the way local businesses market to nearby customers. Though many have already dismissed platforms like Foursquare in terms of marketing value, it might be time for small businesses to take another look. Nicole Laurrari discusses the potential of geo local marketing.

Write the Ultimate Blog Post

(Blogging Wizard)

There’s so much that goes into creating a great blog post, from catchy headlines to SEO, and of course great content. Your goal should be to make every single post you write as great as it can be. And this blogging cheat sheet from Elna Cain might be able to help. You can see more input on the post in the BizSugar community.

Focus on Solving Problems with Business Apps


Wanting your app to make a lot of money won’t magically make it so. In fact, creating an app just to bring in some extra cash is unlikely to lead to success. As Jason Coutsodimitropoulos points out here, successful apps are those that actually solve a problem or provide a useful service for people.

Make the Most of Your Social Media Schedule

(Social Media Slant)

Running a successful social media campaign doesn’t have to be time consuming. In this post, Cendrine Marrouat explains how you can effectively run your social media campaigns in just an hour a day. The BizSugar community also shares some thoughts on the post.

Get Your Customer Service in Gear

(Yodle Insights)

Providing good customer service can make a huge difference in your company’s bottom line. Those who have been in business for a long time can provide some valuable tips for newer businesses looking to improve service. This post by Angelica Diamond provides some of those tips.

Consider Including a “Start Here” Page on Your Site

(The SITS Girls)

When a new reader gets to your blog for the first time, there’s a possibility that they could be confused or overwhelmed enough to simply click away. But if you have a “start here” page specifically designed for new readers, you could at least partially eliminate that problem. Laura Gelnett discusses the power of these pages along with some things you might include on them.

Target Your Ideal Buyer

(Riverbed Marketing)

If your marketing efforts aren’t specifically tailored to your ideal customers, they’re not reaching their full potential. In order to tailor your marketing, you need to first determine who your ideal buyers are and how to reach them. Todd Mumford shares some tips for doing so.

Make the Most of Your Business Travel

(The Marketing Eggspert Blog)

Traveling for business is often necessary if not always convenient. But you can use that travel as an opportunity to grow your business, as April Lisonbee discusses here. You can read more input about business travel in the BizSugar community.

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