10 Tips to Improve Your Online Reputation with Reviews, Blogging, and Social Media

tips to improve your online reputation

As a small business, your reputation is everything. So many customers today look online to find out more about the companies they work with. So managing your reputation on these platforms is essential. Here are tips from members of the online small business community for using content marketing to improve your online reputation.

Manage Your Reviews with New Google My Business Tools

Online reviews can make a huge difference in your online reputation. And Google My Business is one of the most important platforms for this purpose. They just released new options for businesses. Here’s a rundown of the features from Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land.

Find the Best WordPress Plugins for Podcasting

If podcasting is part of your business plan, you need multiple ways to share your content. Since so many business sites are hosted by WordPress, plugins can be a valuable asset. Here are some of the top plugins for podcasting, shared by Lindsay Liedke of Blogging Wizard. Once you read the post, head to BizSugar to see what community members are gdiscussing.

Get Started with Vlogging

Lots of businesses already use blogging as part of their larger communication strategy. But vlogging can help you take your content a step further. In this GetResponse post, Victor Ijidola explores the steps needed to get started.

Improve Your Livestreams with These Expert Tips

Livestreaming can be an incredibly powerful way to reach an audience in real time. If you’ve never done a livestream before, consider learning from the experts. This Content Marketing Institute post by Stephanie Stahl includes insights from business owners who livestream regularly.

Use Clubhouse to Grow Your Reputation

Clubhouse is a relatively new social media platform. But it could benefit certain business owners to become early adopters. In this Social Media Examiner post, Andrea Smith details how using Clubhouse may impact your online reputation.

Consider Selling Digital Products and Courses Online

Not all the content you create for your business has to be free. You can create educational materials that you eventually sell and use as a revenue stream. In this 99signals post, Sandeep Mallya reviews one tool you can use for this purpose. And BizSugar members discussed it in more detail here.

Learn the Difference Between Testimonials, Reviews, and Recommendations

Insights that come straight from your customers can provide valuable social proof to potential new buyers. But there are different types of feedback available. Understanding the differences may help you improve your reputation even more. Ivana Taylor of DIY Marketers elaborates here.

Dominate Local Search Results

For local businesses, online search is often where new customers first interact with your brand. So your ability to get found can make a major impact on your reputation and your bottom line. To dominate local search results, read the tips by Gary Shouldis in this 3Bug Media post.

Build an Effective Instagram Presence

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms for today’s businesses. So building an effective presence may help you more effectively communicate with customers. For tips in this area, check out this MyBlogU post by Ann Smarty.

Streamline Your Marketing with These Social Media Tools

With so many social platforms available to businesses, managing them can be quite time consuming. Luckily, there are tools that can help. Neil Patel lays out 25 of the top options in this blog post.

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