T-Mobile Launches New Services for Small Business


T-Mobile has launched new services designed to help small businesses succeed in a mobile-first digital transformation strategy.

The new services include offering Business Unlimited smartphone plans, which have unlimited 5G access, high-speed hotspot data, and greater Premium Data.

T-Mobile Small Business Services

With unlimited Premium Data, businesses can use as much data as they want without being slowed down based on their data usage.

T-Mobile are also offering Small Business Internet, which delivers fast and reliable connectivity without having to be tied into annual contracts or being subjected to any costly surprises.

Mobile-First Digital Transformation

A mobile-first strategy involves businesses focusing their digital transformation on creating a user experience that is as effective on mobile devices as it is through other methods.

By offering services that enable businesses deliver a mobile-first strategy, T-Mobile will help businesses achieve the many benefits of this flexible and remote business strategy.

The pandemic forced many small businesses to operate remotely and take their services and products online. Even as markets open up, many businesses are continuing to operate either fully or partially remotely.

One of the primary benefits of being mobile-first is that businesses can conduct operations from anywhere and at any time. With unlimited 5G data and high-speed hotspot data, T-Mobile’s new services are accommodating for today’s business trends and demands.

With such connectivity at their disposal, small businesses will be in a better position to operate at their optimum and compete with bigger players.

As Mike Katz, EVP of T-Mobile for Business, wrote in a blog post about how 5G will help small businesses thrive post-pandemic: “At T-Mobile, we have always believed that small businesses are the lifeblood of vibrant, thriving communities. So, with the nation’s fastest, largest, and most reliable 5G network, we are excited to provide the connectivity backbone that they will need to flourish in a world transformed by the pandemic,” Katz wrote.

Facebook Advertising Provided By T-Mobile

Asides reliable high-speed data whilst on the go, T-Mobile is offering Facebook advertising for small businesses. The mobile communications giant has teamed up with Facebook to offer small businesses expert advice and resources to give their marketing efforts on the social media platform a boost. The assistance includes up to three one-on-one consultations with digital marketing experts.

Small businesses that qualify for support for social media marketing, can receive $200 of digital advertising on Facebook or Instagram. Valuable resources to help small business optimize their reach to customers on social media will also be offered.

Three Different Business Plans

T-Mobile by Business plans are available in three plans, designed to fit every business’s budget and needs. The Business Unlimited Select plan costs $25 per line for six or more lines. The Business Unlimited Advanced plan costs $30 per line for six or more lines. The Business Unlimited Ultimate plan costs $40 per line for six or more lines.

The way small businesses operate and communicate is evolving. T-Mobile’s latest offerings are aimed at helping small businesses evolve and succeed in finding new ways to work.

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