Today’s Entrepreneurs Have Laptop Will Travel

Ramon RayDo you ever wonder what today’s tech-savvy entrepreneur carries around in his briefcase?

Well, how about a widescreen laptop with a wireless connection, iPod, all manner of cables and cords, a futuristic-looking microphone, 10 USB memory cards (“because you never know what will happen”) and a lot more.

That is the inventory of the contents in Ramon Ray’s briefcase when we met this evening for the first time in person. Ramon edits the influential site. Although Ramon and I have corresponded regularly and Ramon has been on my radio program, we had never met in person before tonight.

I am in New York attending the American Express OPEN event, “Making a Name for Yourself.” Before the event, Ramon and I had the chance to meet and spend a few minutes over a Coke. The next thing I knew, Ramon was conducting an impromptu audio interview and recording us.

That’s today’s entrepreneur. You could call his briefcase an “office in a box.”


Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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  1. It is funny, but I almost need a separate brief case to carry all of my “gadgets” when I travel. Convenience is a big reason for carrying these gadgets, but sometimes, you really have to wonder.

  2. The problem is not carrying too many gadgets in the bag. the problem is carrying too many battery chargers and adapters too.

    In my bag is a battery charger for my notebook, for my cell phone, for my pda, for my ipod, for my digital camera… and ocassionally charger for the gameboy (grin)…

    I wish batteries would last longer that you can go on a trip without carrying all these.

  3. i have the laptop, pda, cell charger, pda charger, laptop charger. several flash drives, different types of usb cables, rj11 phone line.. rj45 patch cable, and tons of tools. someone really needs to invent power over wireless, so we dont need all these chargers.. 😛 (thats a thought eh?)

  4. I love living in a “gadget” filled world. My laptop computer is just one of those gadgets.

    I can work on one of my projects from just about anywhere I choose.

    I drift off into a relaxing mental location using my virtual meditation software.

    I can listen to my favorite music while working on my CAD drawings for my business.

    I can keep in touch with so many people through email and that not only saves me lots of time but also gives me a chance to communicate with many people I might not otherwise have a chance to.

    I love living in a gadget filled world. Don’t You?

  5. Yes, Rick, I also love the freedom that these gadgets give us. They add tremendously to our ability to conduct business wherever, whenever.

    Heck, you and I even managed to meet at a Panera coffehouse and do some business, courtesy of the laptop and wireless. And with our cell phones, we were never too long out of reach of other business calls.

    What could give us more freedom?


  6. I will tell my friend and they will like this. Thanks…