Microsoft Says This Magic Ring Could Make Passwords Obsolete

Microsoft Says This Token Ring will Replace Passwords

Could the days of requiring passwords to log on to operating systems be over? According to Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) they could be. Leveraging Windows Hello, technology that recognizes you instantly via a fingerprint reader or a device’s camera, Microsoft is taking online security a step even further by working with Token.

Token Ring will Replace Passwords

Token is a biometric identity ring that streamlines the logging on to Windows 10 process. By simply wearing this stylish-looking ring, Windows 10 users don’t have to spend valuable seconds typing in passwords. By eliminating the need for passwords, Token takes users’ online security to a new, heightened level.

This personalized lifestyle accessory, allows Windows 10 users to log on to Microsoft’s operating system in a way that, as Token notes, “feels natural and familiar.”

Reducing Password Vulnerability

Weak passwords and password vulnerability has long been a concern for small businesses. By cracking passwords, cyber criminals can get their hands valuable business data. Stolen and compromised data can cripple small businesses, some of which never fully recover.

Changing passwords regularly is the first action businesses should take to help safeguard systems and data from hackers. Enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), provides an additional layer of verification before logging into a system. As can implementing better password company policies.

There are steps businesses can take to make it more difficult for hackers to crack passwords. However, eliminating the need for passwords altogether by using the Token biometric identity ring might offer an even more effective solution for small business owners and teams to eliminate concerns about password vulnerability.

As well as working with Microsoft to make logging into Windows devices more seamless and secure, Token has partnered with other organizations. The various partnerships with the Token technology are designed to make life easier and safer for modern digital consumers, and more difficult for the cyber criminals.

For example, partnering with MasterCard and Visa, Token wearers can pay with their biometric ring at over 15 million places, safely, quickly and securely.

Cyber criminals stole a staggering 3.1 billion passwords in 2016 alone. Token and the consortium companies it is working with, including Microsoft, are affiliating to bring an end to the threat of password hacking.

For small business owners, by simply wearing the Token ring, you’ll be able to securely authenticate into your accounts, without having to enter passwords and running the risk of having data stolen or compromised.


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