11 Online Tools for Creating Infographics and Charts

tools for creating infographics

Consumers today are incredibly visual. Most would rather look at an image or chart than read an entire article or report. Luckily, there are now ways to fit just as much information into an image as there would normally be in a text article.

Infographics are visuals used to convey information. The purpose is to break down complex information and present it in a way that can be easily understood. For businesses, they can be used for marketing, client presentations and a wide range of other purposes.

Gone are the days where you need an entire graphics team to create them. If you have information to present, there are tools for creating infographics and charts that help you to visually bring it to life.

Tools for Creating Infographics and Charts


This browser based application allows you to choose from more than 100 templates (the company calls them Vizzards) to create Gantt-charts, timelines, milestone plans, Venn diagrams, maps, process diagrams and other graphic displays of information.

Vizzlo offers a free option with up to 100 chart types so customers can get some idea of the way the tool works. However, to create truly professional graphics without a watermark or the company’s logo, you’ll need to spring for the premium version of the service for $14 monthly — or $11 if you pay for the entire year.

The premium version also lets you download PDFs of your finished graphics as shareable files with editing options.


This free tool features more than 30 different types of charts. It’s a popular platform, with more than 800,000 infographics created so far.

You can use Infogr.am to create infographics from scratch, or you can import existing CSV or XLS files to simplify the process. The site also includes built-in sharing and embedding features so that you can make sure your graphics end up in the right place.

tools for creating infographics

Google Charts

Another free solution, Google Charts offers a gallery of ready-to-use chart types, from simple line graphs to geographical maps and timelines.

You can also generate pointers, QR codes, and other visual tools to customize images and upload them directly to your site.


Currently in beta, Easel.ly features a drag-and-drop interface and a small selection of pre-designed templates. You select a design, enter your information into text boxes, and customize as necessary.

You can drag additional artwork onto the canvas, and move around or add different elements as needed. The beta version is free to use.

tools for creating infographics


InfoActive specializes in live data. This means that it lets you create infographics that you can continue to update and that your customers or readers can interact with. It uses a drag-and-drop method so that you can add text, charts, and filters and move them or edit them as necessary.

The tool is currently in private beta, so you can visit the site to join a waiting list.


This grid-based infographics tool features pre-designed themes that you can customize with text, colors, and various shapes and design elements. Pictochart offers a free version with 7 different themes, along with pro versions that have more than 100 themes and don’t include any Piktochart branding.

The company also offers customized infographics services and special pricing for enterprise, educational and charity organizations.

tools for creating infographics

Many Eyes

The IBM created tool gives you a set of pre-determined visualization options based on what type of data you have. These include pie charts, word trees, tag clouds, maps, word generators and more.

The designs are simple, but the free tool can help you sort your data or create visuals for part of a presentation or larger infographic project.


Visual.ly is an online network of designers, illustrators, and other creative professionals who can help turn a pile of unorganized data into a visual representation. This service doesn’t just include a list of free, pre-designed templates. Instead it gives you access to people who can help you sort through your data and mold it into an infographic, presentation, interactive design, or video. Pricing for infographics starts at $999.

tools for creating infographics


Vennage is a social analytics and marketing company that offers infographics and other designs as part of its service package. The tool for creating infographics allows you to upload your own images and backgrounds, or choose from a selection of customizable themes.

It offers branded infographics as part of a free plan, with a premium version available for $19 a month.


This tool specializes in allowing real-time collaboration on diagrams and other visuals. Diagrams can be interactive and can include shapes, text, and connectors. Creately offers desktop and online versions starting at $5 per month for one user.

tools for creating infographics


With this tool, you can use Excel spreadsheets or Google Drive documents to automatically create a variety of chart types, including interactive ones. iChart also includes sharing and distribution features to help you reach a larger audience. Plans range from free to $75 per month, plus an enterprise option.

If you’d like to get started using infographics in your content, check out the Small Business Trends infographic gallery for some inspiration.

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