Spotlight: Toothbrush Toys Makes Dental Hygiene an Adventure for Kids

Getting kids to brush their teeth can be a struggle. But the founder of Toothbrush Toys aims to change that.

After years of babysitting experience, she launched a business with her dad to make brushing teeth fun. Read all about the new company in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Creates unique toothbrushes for kids.

Founder Nicki Warren told Small Business Trends, “Toothbrush Toys are the first ever character toothbrushes that double as fun, interactive toys! Unique characters and stories capture your child’s imagination with engaging animations to watch while brushing. The chore of brushing is simply transformed into an adventure! Our innovative large handle design is easy for small hands to hold. When combined with our extra soft bristles and adorable characters, Toothbrush Toys is a hit with kids, parents and dentists alike!”

Business Niche

Designing products with kids in mind.

Warren says, “Themed characters and related story books and animation combine with large handles to result in a perfect brushing experience. There are no other brushes that have depth and construction like our family of products.”

How the Business Got Started

As a family project.

Warren adds, “I used to babysit and noticed a common trend – kids hated brushing time. I wanted to change the way children brush their teeth and help combat poor dental hygiene. Brushing apathy amongst kids that becomes a habit is a major contributor to serious dental health problems as an adult. I wanted to find a way to fix that problem at its core.

“I conceived the idea with the help of my disabled father. My Dad is unable to speak or eat due to the radiation effects after cancer, but his mind is still sharp. We thought of the idea one day, and after two years of development, we’re excited to introduce our brushes to the world!”

Biggest Win

Finally launching the products.

Warren explains, “After two years of working with dentists to perfect the design, I am proud to say we have officially launched and are ready to sell. My biggest win would be to spread awareness and make brushing fun for kids worldwide, ultimately improving dental hygiene.”

Biggest Challenge

Running the business as a (mostly) solo venture.

Warren says, “I began the business with my father while still in school, as he battled an ongoing 12-year struggle with cancer. When we first started Toothbrush Toys, my father was working beside me every day. I have now taken on all of the business’ responsibilities, but I have his support and guidance whenever I need it. My father is still my mentor through it all.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Spreading the word.

Warren adds, “If I had an extra $100,000, I would use it for widespread influencer marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, and other sales tactics. I know our product is valuable and families love it, but the inability to get it out there to a large audience is slowing down our growth.”

Fun Fact

Each toothbrush has a name and story.

Warren says, “Each of our characters have fun brushing-themed names, like Brushy the Brushasaurus, Chompers the Shark, and Princess Pearly Whites. Each has a brushing-themed story too in the form of a two-minute animation to watch while brushing! Brushy the Brushasaurus was our OG character and will always be the Toothbrush Toys mascot.”

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Image: Toothbrush Toys

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