Top Resources For Your Small Business

As a small business owner, the resources at your disposal can be the key to your success. Knowledge is power and while your business, product or service should certainly be original, there are plenty of lessons you can take from other business thought leaders to help you push that original concept to the next level.

Information & Tactics

Top resources for your small business. This list of resources for small business leaders and entrepreneurs includes Small Business Trends and our sister site BizSugar and will supply plenty of ideas for use in your own business. Montreal Financial

Six branding tips for small business success. Creating a powerful brand doesn’t require a huge budget or massive amounts of infrastructure. In fact, as this post demonstrates, a few simple tips may be all you need. TheOneOfAKindPreneur

Networking & Customer Service

How to find your small business influencers. Often the secret to small business success is to make sure you don’t have to do everything yourself. Step one can be to find others who share your small business message. SaucyHorse

Customer service and the human touch. Technology can help run most small businesses today, but don’t forget your customers are human. As a small business owner, your ability to connect is a major competitive advantage. Step By Step Marketing

Management Matrix

The simplest tool for business success? No it’s not the latest flashy dashboard or interactive Website or even the proper application of social media marketing. In fact, the answer may surprise you. Ability Success Growth

Tips for managing your inventory. If your business has any kind of inventory, it’s important to manage it well. Poorly managed inventory creates a variety of problems even if your sales are strong. Entrepreneur

Tools & Measures

Tech toys to cut your IT costs. Here are 25 tools that are any cost cutting technopreneurs dream. Though gadgets are not the only factor in your success, those that boost productivity and reduce expense deserve attention.

A measure for business growth. Growing your business, even in a small and clearly defined niche, can be important. But growth comes with its own set of risks. Here’s how to evaluate them.

Skills & Strategy

The top skills for entrepreneurs. If you could reduce or distill the skills needed by any entrepreneur (or small business owner, for that matter) to just three, what would they be? Do you have these skills in your entrepreneur tool box? James Brown Marketing

Tips for building a more visible business. Don’t keep your company a secret. Here are five tips to make sure your business, product or service doesn’t stay under the radar longer than necessary. Buzz Small Business Magazine

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