Top Stories: COVID-19 Privacy Concerns, Where Are Businesses Hurting Most?

If there aren’t enough things to worry about brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, you can add privacy to the list. In this week’s roundup, the issue of privacy is front and center as consumers worry about how much data companies, governments, and international agencies are accessing in the name of safety.

The survey from Cybernews says American’s truly value their privacy, even if it means the virus won’t be contained. Their issue doesn’t end with the pandemic but includes any new regulations passed long after the virus is controlled.

Related to the outbreak, the SMB Group revealed COVID-19 is having more of an impact in certain industries for small businesses. Personal service, hospitality and retail businesses with less than 20 employees are especially hit hard. Cashflow and capital are the primary reason for the struggle they are currently facing.

The rest of the roundup looks at plans for opening businesses across the country, the state of the PPP program and the second round of funding, and the tax filing deadlines.

COVID-19 and Your Small Business

Consumers Worried About Privacy Rights During and After Pandemic Response. As governments across the world look towards curbing the spread of COVID-19 and plug holes in the health care system, a debate has resurfaced over the issue of privacy. This is because medical data companies, governments, and international agencies accessing this information is now a real issue.

Impact of COVID-19 on Small Businesses – Where Is It Worst?. The impact of COVID 19 is felt by all businesses, large and small. Which small businesses are most affected? In late March, the SMB (Small and Medium Business) Group surveyed more than 500 businesses. The SMB survey found out which small businesses were most impacted and outlined expected changes that will be part of economic recovery.

Examining the Psychological Impact of Coronavirus Shutdowns on Small Business Owners. One in four small businesses have shut down temporarily due to COVID-19. Research reports one in 10 say they have less than a month before closing their doors completely. Small Business Trends spoke with Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H. a Board-Certified Psychiatrist with a Master’s in Public Health.

5% of Small Businesses Received Money During Round 1 of PPP Funding, But 60% Applied. With just 5% of small businesses receiving a loan from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), the first round didn’t reach its target. The PPP was designed to help small businesses, but disclosure of some of the applicants has revealed multi-million/billion-dollar companies have applied and received tens of millions of dollars.

PPP Program Refunded – What’s the Next Step for Your Small Business?. The initial Paycheck Protection Program well ran dry. Congress and President Donald Trump approved $310 billion in additional funding for the program. It’s now called the PPP and Health Care Enhancement Act. In addition to the $310 billion, $60 billion has been added for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program. Another $10 billion will be used for $10,000 grants.

70% of Those Working From Home Experience Disrupted Sleep Patterns. Some 70% of new home workers have discovered their sleeping patterns have been disrupted as self-isolation and work from home become routine across businesses. According to survey by furniture company Hammonds, one in four people working from home say their sleeping pattern has been ‘very disrupted’, experiencing restless sleep every night.


4 Tips to Derive Maximum Value from Your SMB’s Data Analytics. In today’s business world, data is often called “the new oil.” Although there’s a popular view that only big companies can leverage big data, the comparison to oil is an apt reminder that businesses of every size are powered by the same fuel.

Marketing Tips

5 Marketing Hacks On The Cheap To Grow Your Business During a Pandemic. For small businesses, resources can be tight. Especially right now. Limited budgets can present challenges for how businesses raise awareness, acquire customers, and generate revenue. In fact, 39% of small business owners agree that a limited budget is a major roadblock in growing their businesses.

More Business News

These Cities Have the Most At-Risk Businesses During Coronavirus Pandemic Response. The coronavirus pandemic has affected virtually every industry, business and city and town in the United States. Nowhere is immune to the consequences of the deadly virus. Most At Risk Businesses However, cities that rely heavily on entertainment, retail, accommodation and food, are most vulnerable.

Mojichat Has a Brand Advertising Program for Streamers. Mojichat has announced the launch of a new advertising program targeting live-stream gaming fans. The program will provide brand imagery and links integrated into the streamers’ custom avatars and in-game chats.

White House Unveils Plan to Reopen American Businesses. Each state’s Governor, with guidelines from the POTUS, has a plan to reopen for business following the coronavirus pandemic response. The reopening will happen in phases. The kick start will take place more quickly in places where COVID-19 cases appear to be under control.

Video and Creative Freelancers Have Lost 76% of Projects Scheduled for Next 3 Months. More than three quarters (76%) of video and creative freelancers have lost projects scheduled for the next three months. This insight was uncovered in a report by SoundStripe, creators of royalty-free music. The ‘Creative Response: How Freelancers and Agencies are Adapting During COVID-19’ report surveyed over 300 freelance videographers.

8 in 10 Hotel Rooms Empty During Coronavirus Pandemic. The economic impact of COVID-19 across different industries is staggering. And the hotel and lodging industry is no different. The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) is reporting 8 in 10 hotel rooms are now empty because of the pandemic. The data comes from the newly released report by the AHLA, which states things are much worse than previously anticipated. Offers SEO Solution for Small Businesses. Search engine optimization is an effective tool to build awareness and increase sales. If you’re thinking about using search engine optimization (SEO) to grow your business, then the latest offering from will excite you. The Company recently announced the launch of an innovative SEO marketing solution, Simple SEO, to help businesses improve their search engine rankings.

Shopify Email Now Available to All Merchants Using the Platform. Shopify has announced its Shopify Email platform is now be available to all merchants around the world. The new marketing tool is designed to help Shopify merchants build more meaningful relationships with customers. The service will be free until October 1, 2020. After this date, the first 2,500 emails merchants send out a month will continue to be free.

Small Business Operations

What Should Landlords Do if Renters Can’t Pay Rent in May?. Owning residential properties and renting them to tenants is a business. However, many landlords are currently struggling. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many states have suspended evictions and tenants are having a hard time paying rent because of layoffs and reduced hours. However, many landlords have mortgages to pay on those properties.


The Founder of Travelocity Shows How to Beat the Coronavirus Disruption. With every economic downturn, there is always a large disruption for most small businesses and their customers. If there is one area that is really a mess during the Pandemic of 2020 it’s the travel industry; air travel alone is down 96%.

Tips for Marketing, Finding Funding, and Working from Home During Coronavirus. The coronavirus pandemic has already made a significant impact on small businesses across nearly every industry. Since members of the online small business community have already had to shift parts of their operations, they’re learning how to adapt and sharing some valuable insights. Learn about what you may need to shift in your marketing, finances, and productivity below.


All Tax Filing Deadlines Are Not Created Equal. April 15 used to be Tax Day. But due to COVID-19, the IRS has changed a number of filing deadlines so that most tax filing and payment deadlines that normally fall from April 1, 2020, through July 14, 2020, are extended to July 15, 2020. Some new federal law changes also affect some due dates. But not all federal tax deadlines have changed.


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